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51EliasboyJehovah is GodHebrew6Register to vote
52ElijahboyJehovah is GodHebrew31Register to vote
53Elionboy1Register to vote
54EliotboyheightHebrew5Register to vote
55Eliuboyfrom the BibleSpanish0Register to vote
56Elkanboyhe belongs to godHebrew0Register to vote
57Elleryboyone who lives near the elder tree, cheerfulGerman0Register to vote
58ElliotboyJehovah is GodHebrew5Register to vote
59Elliottboy7Register to vote
60Ellisboyfrom the name ElijahHebrew1Register to vote
61Ellyboy Greek0Register to vote
62Elmarboyfamous noblemanEnglish0Register to vote
63Elmerboyof awe-inspiring fameTeutonic1Register to vote
64ElmoboyproctectorItalian1Register to vote
65ElorieboyCzech0Register to vote
66elricoboy0Register to vote
67ElroyboyroyalLatin1Register to vote
68Eltonboyfrom the old estate, Ella's townEnglish0Register to vote
69Eluboyfull of graceNative-American0Register to vote
70EluterioboySpanish0Register to vote
71Elvinboyfriend of elves1Register to vote
72Elvisboyall wise, noble friendAnglo-Saxon3Register to vote
73ElyseboyAmerican, English, Hawaiian, Irish, Japanese1Register to vote
74Emanuelboygod is with usHebrew3Register to vote
75Embertonboy0Register to vote
76Emericboywork ruleGerman1Register to vote
77EmersonboyEmery's sonEnglish4Register to vote
78Emeryboyruler of work, powerful homeGerman1Register to vote
79Emilboyindustrious, to emulateGerman1Register to vote
80Emilioboywinning one or flattererSpanish6Register to vote
81Emirboycharming princeArabic1Register to vote
82EmmanuelboyGod is with usHebrew7Register to vote
83Emmettboyhard worker, truthEnglish35Register to vote
84EmoryboyHome, strength, industrious leaderEnglish0Register to vote
85EmrickboyimmortalWelsh0Register to vote
86Emuukhaboy1Register to vote
87EnnisboyislandCeltic, Gaelic1Register to vote
88Enricoboy2Register to vote
89Enriqueboyruler of an estateBasque1Register to vote
90Entsboy0Register to vote
91EnzoboywinnerItalian3Register to vote
92Éomerboy0Register to vote
93Ephraimboyvery fruitfulHebrew1Register to vote
94Ephronboydust0Register to vote
95ErasmusboyamiableGreek0Register to vote
96ErekboylovablePolish5Register to vote
97Ericboyever-powerfulScandinavian9Register to vote
98Erikboyform of EricGerman5Register to vote
99ErinboyIrish4Register to vote
100Ernestboyearnest, vigorous, battler to the deathGerman2Register to vote
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