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101KeeboyHindu0Register to vote
102Keefeboylovable and handsome, nobleGaelic0Register to vote
103Keeferboynoble gentleCeltic2Register to vote
104Keeganboylittle fierce oneGaelic4Register to vote
105Keelandboylittle and slenderGaelic3Register to vote
106Keenanboylittle ancient oneGaelic1Register to vote
107KeeneboysharpEnglish1Register to vote
108KeganboyfieryCeltic3Register to vote
109Keighanboy0Register to vote
110KeilboyAmerican0Register to vote
111Keirboydark-skinnedCeltic0Register to vote
112Keithboywood, wind; wood-dwellerCeltic, Welsh0Register to vote
113KeithianboyWood; Ian (Hebrew variant of John)Hebrew, Scottish0Register to vote
114Kelbieboyvariation of KelbyAmerican0Register to vote
115Kelbyboyfrom the farm by the springsNorse1Register to vote
116KeledboyHungarian0Register to vote
117Kelemanboygentle, kindHungarian1Register to vote
118KeliiboychiefHawaiian0Register to vote
119Kellboyfrom the springEnglish1Register to vote
120Kellahanboy0Register to vote
121KellenboyswampGerman2Register to vote
122Kellerboy0Register to vote
123Kellyboybrave warriorIrish6Register to vote
124KelseyboyCeol's island, beautiful island; from the ship's island, shipping harborEnglish1Register to vote
125Kelsonboybrave-heartedEnglish3Register to vote
126KeltenboyIrish3Register to vote
127Keltonboy2Register to vote
128Kelvinboyname of a river; from the narrow riverCeltic, Gaelic2Register to vote
129Kemarboyfull of lifeEnglish2Register to vote
130Kemenesboyfurnace makerHungarian0Register to vote
131KempboychampionEnglish1Register to vote
132Kenboyform of Kenneth. handsomeCeltic1Register to vote
133KenanboypossessionHebrew1Register to vote
134Kendallboyruler of the valleyCeltic0Register to vote
135Kendeboyname of a honorHungarian0Register to vote
136KendelboyAfrican0Register to vote
137Kendreagueboyloving maleCeltic0Register to vote
138Kendrickboyson of HenryGaelic3Register to vote
139Kenelmboybrave helmetEnglish1Register to vote
140Kenleyboydweller at the king's meadowEnglish0Register to vote
141Kennboyclear waterWelsh0Register to vote
142KennardboystrongEnglish0Register to vote
143Kennediboycomes from JFKAmerican, Irish0Register to vote
144Kennedyboyhelmeted chiefGaelic1Register to vote
145Kennethboyhandsome; born of fire; royal oathGaelic, Scottish, English8Register to vote
146KenoboyFrench1Register to vote
147Kenrichboychief hero; royal rulerWelsh, English0Register to vote
148Kentboyborder, coast, bright whiteEnglish1Register to vote
149Kentaroboybig boyJapanese1Register to vote
150Kentonboyfrom the king's estateEnglish1Register to vote
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