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151Kenwayboycourageous in battleAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
152Kenyonboyblond-hairedGaelic2Register to vote
153KenzieboyNice0Register to vote
154KenzoboyStrong and healthyJapanese1Register to vote
155KeokiboyGeorgeHawaiian1Register to vote
156Keonboyform of Ewan, from JohnIrish2Register to vote
157KeonaboyGod's gracious giftHawaiian0Register to vote
158KerboyhouseEnglish0Register to vote
159Kerchakboyannointed oneHindu0Register to vote
160KerecsenboyfalconHungarian0Register to vote
161Keriboy0Register to vote
162KermitboyfreemanGaelic1Register to vote
163KernboydarkGaelic1Register to vote
164KerrboymarshlandNorse0Register to vote
165KerryboyCiar's people, dark eyesGaelic0Register to vote
166Kersboyname of a plantTodas Indian0Register to vote
167KersenboycherryIndonesian1Register to vote
168Kerwinboydark skinnedCeltic0Register to vote
169KeshavboyKrishna's nameHindu0Register to vote
170KeshayneboyAwesome, smart, sportyAmerican0Register to vote
171KeshevboyHindu0Register to vote
172Kesterboyfrom the camp of the Roman armyLatin1Register to vote
173KestinboyOne who trusts his inner guidance (Canadian origin)0Register to vote
174KetanboyHindu1Register to vote
175KeveboypebbleHungarian1Register to vote
176Kevinboygentle, lovableGaelic10Register to vote
177KevisboyOutstandingAmerican0Register to vote
178KevonboyKind LovingAfrican, American, Native-American, Spanish0Register to vote
179KeynanboyAmerican0Register to vote
180Keyonboyguiding, leadingEnglish0Register to vote
181KhaidynboyAnglo-Saxon2Register to vote
182KhairiboykinglySwahili0Register to vote
183Khalidboyimmortal0Register to vote
184KhanhyaboyHindu0Register to vote
185KharterboyIrish1Register to vote
186KhodeeboyAmerican, Anglo-Saxon1Register to vote
187KhorboyCleverEnglish, Spanish0Register to vote
188KhorshedboysunPersian0Register to vote
189KhortdadboyperfectionPersian0Register to vote
190KhouryboypriestArabic1Register to vote
191KhushboyHindu2Register to vote
192Kianboy4Register to vote
193Kieferboybarrel-makerGerman2Register to vote
194Kieranboysmall and dark-skinnedGaelic12Register to vote
195Kikiboyshort for names beginning with KSpanish2Register to vote
196KikoboyCrazy kidAfrican0Register to vote
197Kilbyboyresidence nameTeutonic0Register to vote
198KilianboyblindLatin0Register to vote
199KilikboySurnameJapanese0Register to vote
200KillenboyAmerican0Register to vote
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