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151PreetishboyHindu0Register to vote
152PremboyloveHindu0Register to vote
153PrenticeboyapprenticeEnglish0Register to vote
154Prescottboyresidence nameEnglish2Register to vote
155Presleyboy7Register to vote
156Prestonboydweller at the church, priest's settlementEnglish14Register to vote
157Prewittboyvaliant oneFrench0Register to vote
158Preyasboydiscover everything in earthHindu0Register to vote
159Priceboyurgent oneWelsh2Register to vote
160Primelboy0Register to vote
161Primoboyfirst oneItalian0Register to vote
162PrinceboyprinceLatin1Register to vote
163Prithuboyfirst Ksatriya, son of VenaHindu0Register to vote
164Privrataboyson of SatarupaHindu0Register to vote
165Proctorboymanager or agentLatin0Register to vote
166ProsperboyfortunateLatin0Register to vote
167Prosperoboy0Register to vote
168Proteusboy0Register to vote
169Pryorboyhead of the prioryLatin0Register to vote
170PtolemyboyGreek0Register to vote
171Puceyboy0Register to vote
172Puckboy0Register to vote
173PulkitboyHindu1Register to vote
174Pumbaaboy0Register to vote
175Pundarikboywhite in colorHindu0Register to vote
176PunyaboyHindu0Register to vote
177PupuboyA name of peace.Anglo-Saxon0Register to vote
178PuranjayboyHindu0Register to vote
179Purujitboyconqueror of manyHindu0Register to vote
180Pusanboya sageHindu0Register to vote
181PuskaraboyHindu0Register to vote
182Putnamboyfrom the sire's estateEnglish1Register to vote
183Pyroboy0Register to vote
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