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51Patrickboynoble oneLatin6Register to vote
52Paulboylittle oneLatin3Register to vote
53Pauloboy0Register to vote
54Paxtonboytrader; town of peaceTeutonic, English1Register to vote
55Paytonboywarrior's estateEnglish3Register to vote
56Pázmánboyright, manHungarian0Register to vote
57PeaceboypeaceLatin1Register to vote
58Pearboy Swedish, Welsh0Register to vote
59PederboystoneGreek0Register to vote
60Pedroboya rockGreek0Register to vote
61Pelaboya flowerHawaiian0Register to vote
62PelinboyTurkish1Register to vote
63PellboyscarfEnglish0Register to vote
64PellegrinboypilgrimHungarian0Register to vote
65Pembrokeboyfrom the headland, rocky hillWelsh0Register to vote
66Penleyboyenclosed meadowEnglish1Register to vote
67PennboyenclosureEnglish0Register to vote
68pennyboylots of welthRussian0Register to vote
69Penrodboyesteemed commanderGerman0Register to vote
70Penteleboymerciful, lionHungarian0Register to vote
71Pepperboyfrom the pepper plantEnglish0Register to vote
72Percivalboypierce the veilFrench0Register to vote
73Percyboythe valley-piercerFrench, Latin4Register to vote
74Peregrinboy0Register to vote
75Perilboya trial or testLatin0Register to vote
76PerriboywandererEnglish0Register to vote
77Perryboypear tree; son of HarryEnglish, Welsh3Register to vote
78Perthboythorny bushCeltic0Register to vote
79Peteboy0Register to vote
80Peterboyrock, stoneLatin4Register to vote
81PetrovichboyOne who stunsRussian0Register to vote
82Petruchioboy0Register to vote
83Peytonboyform of PatrickScottish16Register to vote
84Phalconboy0Register to vote
85Phelanboylittle wolfGaelic2Register to vote
86Philboy0Register to vote
87Philanderboylover of mankindGreek0Register to vote
88Philipboyhorse loverGreek1Register to vote
89Philippeboy0Register to vote
90Phillipboyhorse loverGreek2Register to vote
91Philoctetesboy0Register to vote
92Philostrateboy0Register to vote
93Phineasboy3Register to vote
94Phoebeboybright oneGreek0Register to vote
95Phoebusboy0Register to vote
96Phoenixboymystical bird, purpleGreek2Register to vote
97Photonboy0Register to vote
98Phryniaboy0Register to vote
99Phuocboygood luckVietnamese0Register to vote
100Piceriousboy0Register to vote
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