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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
201Tomajboyname of a clanHungarian0Register to vote
202Tomalinboy0Register to vote
203TomeboyGalician1Register to vote
204Tomkinboylittle TomEnglish0Register to vote
205Tommyboy2Register to vote
206Tomoboya twinJapanese0Register to vote
207TongboyfragrantVietnamese0Register to vote
208Tonyboybeyond praiseLatin0Register to vote
209TorinboychiefCeltic0Register to vote
210TormodboyScottish0Register to vote
211Torranceboyfrom the low hillsCeltic, Gaelic0Register to vote
212Torrenceboylike a tall towerIrish0Register to vote
213Torreyboyresidence nameCeltic0Register to vote
214Torstenboythe stone of ThorNorse0Register to vote
215Toryboy0Register to vote
216TosteboyScandinavian0Register to vote
217TostigboyAnglo-Saxon, Scandinavian1Register to vote
218ToviboygoodHebrew0Register to vote
219Townsendboyfrom the end of townEnglish0Register to vote
220ToyoboyplentifulJapanese0Register to vote
221TraceboybraveEnglish4Register to vote
222Tracyboy0Register to vote
223Traeboy1Register to vote
224Trahaearnboystrong as ironWelsh0Register to vote
225Traithboy"trust" and "faith" combinedAmerican0Register to vote
226Trakeboythe sunrise sky of orangeEnglish1Register to vote
227TramaineboyMagical0Register to vote
228TramontaboyAfrican, American0Register to vote
229TrandonboyAmerican0Register to vote
230Tranioboy0Register to vote
231TranterboywagoneerEnglish0Register to vote
232Traskboy1Register to vote
233Traversboy0Register to vote
234TravisboycrossingFrench4Register to vote
235TrayboyAmerican0Register to vote
236Traysonboy0Register to vote
237Traytonboy0Register to vote
238Treadboyshort for Treadaway0Register to vote
239Trebor boyRobert backwardsAmerican1Register to vote
240Treharneboydark hairHawaiian0Register to vote
241Tremayneboyhouse by the stones, farm with a stone monolithCornish, English0Register to vote
242TremeurboyFrench1Register to vote
243Trentboytorrent, dweller by the TrentLatin4Register to vote
244Trentonboy0Register to vote
245TrenusboyLatin0Register to vote
246Trevisboy0Register to vote
247Trevonboy0Register to vote
248TrevorboycautiousCeltic, Gaelic1Register to vote
249Treyboythird born, threeEnglish3Register to vote
250TrigveboyNorwegian0Register to vote
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