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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Ubaldoboy1Register to vote
2Uanboy2Register to vote
3Umbertoboy0Register to vote
4Uglukboy0Register to vote
5Urchinboy0Register to vote
6Ulanboyfirst-born twinAfrican0Register to vote
7UbaboywealthyAfrican1Register to vote
8Ubadahboyserves GodArabic1Register to vote
9Uthmanboycompanion of the prophetArabic0Register to vote
10Uttboywise and kindArabic1Register to vote
11UsamahboyArabic0Register to vote
12UmarboyArabic0Register to vote
13UbaidboyfaithfulArabic2Register to vote
14UnaiboyBasque0Register to vote
15Urienboyprivileged birthCeltic0Register to vote
16UltanboyCeltic0Register to vote
17UlricboywolfDanish0Register to vote
18UnwinboynonfriendEnglish0Register to vote
19Upshawboyupper wooded areaEnglish1Register to vote
20Udolfboyprosperous wolfEnglish0Register to vote
21Uptonboyfrom the upper townEnglish0Register to vote
22Ulrichboywolf rulerEnglish1Register to vote
23UlysaboyEnglish1Register to vote
24UxioboyGalician0Register to vote
25UweboyGerman0Register to vote
26Ulbrechtboyform of AlbertGerman0Register to vote
27Urianboyfrom heavenGreek0Register to vote
28UrijahboyMy God is LightHebrew1Register to vote
29UriahboyGod is lightHebrew7Register to vote
30UriboylightHebrew3Register to vote
31Urielboylight of GodHebrew3Register to vote
32UdehboypraiseHebrew1Register to vote
33UehudahboyHebrew0Register to vote
34Uziboymy strengthHebrew0Register to vote
35UttankaboyHindu0Register to vote
36UpenboyHindu0Register to vote
37Upendraboyan elementHindu0Register to vote
38UditboyHindu1Register to vote
39Urjavahaboyof the Nimi dynastyHindu0Register to vote
40UltmanboyGod, GodlikeHindu0Register to vote
41Uttamboythird ManuHindu0Register to vote
42Urosboylittle lordHungarian0Register to vote
43UgorboyHungarianHungarian0Register to vote
44Ugodboyname of a clanHungarian0Register to vote
45UporboyHungarian1Register to vote
46UbulboyHungarian1Register to vote
47Uzorboyname of an ethnic groupHungarian0Register to vote
48Uilliamboyform of WilliamIrish2Register to vote
49UisteanboyintelligentIrish0Register to vote
50Ubertoboyform of HubertItalian1Register to vote
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