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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
651arifagirlArabic1Register to vote
652Arildagirlhearth, homeTeutonic0Register to vote
653ArinagirlWild,Adventurous American1Register to vote
654ArissagirlbestGreek1Register to vote
655AristagirlharvestLatin2Register to vote
656Ariyannagirl4Register to vote
657AriYuannagirlAmerican1Register to vote
658ArizonagirlAmerican1Register to vote
659Arleengirla pledgeCeltic1Register to vote
660ArlenegirlpledgeCeltic1Register to vote
661ArligirlAustralian0Register to vote
662Armillagirla braceletLatin1Register to vote
663Arminagirlof a high degreeLatin1Register to vote
664Arnishagirl0Register to vote
665ArohagirlloveMaori0Register to vote
666Arrabellagirl0Register to vote
667Arranagirl0Register to vote
668ArraylgirlSunshineWelsh0Register to vote
669ArreviongirlAmerican0Register to vote
670ArtemisgirlGoddess of the hunt, forest, hills and the moonGreek1Register to vote
671Artemisiagirlbelonging to ArtemisGreek1Register to vote
672Artigirlprayer ceremonyHindu0Register to vote
673ArunagirlradianceHindu0Register to vote
674Arushigirlfirst ray of the sunHindu0Register to vote
675ArvayagirlRussian0Register to vote
676Arwengirl6Register to vote
677Aryagirl6Register to vote
678AryanagirlLatin1Register to vote
679Aryannagirlbeauty American, Arabic, English, German, Greek, Hebrew, Irish, Latin, Spanish0Register to vote
680ArykagirlRussian0Register to vote
681Aryonnagirltotal beautyAmerican0Register to vote
682Arystagirl0Register to vote
683ArzikigirlprosperityAfrican0Register to vote
684AsagirlhealerHebrew0Register to vote
685AsenettegirlHebrew0Register to vote
686AsenkagirlgracefulHebrew0Register to vote
687Ashgirlfrom the ash treeEnglish1Register to vote
688Ashagirlhope, lifeHindu1Register to vote
689Asharagirla share of love from heavenAmerican0Register to vote
690AshbygirlAmerican1Register to vote
691AshergirlhappyHebrew2Register to vote
692AshikagirlAmerican, Hindu0Register to vote
693AshimagirllimitlessHindu0Register to vote
694Ashland girl0Register to vote
695AshlareegirlCombination of "Ashley" and "Laree"American0Register to vote
696Ashleegirlfrom the field of ash treesEnglish3Register to vote
697Ashleighgirlfrom the ash treeEnglish7Register to vote
698Ashleygirlash-treeEnglish15Register to vote
699Ashligirlash tree meadowEnglish2Register to vote
700AshlyngirlEnglish, Irish3Register to vote
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