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51Femigirllove meAfrican2Register to vote
52Fennellagirlwhite shoulderGaelic1Register to vote
53FerletgirlAmerican0Register to vote
54Ferngirlleafy plantEnglish3Register to vote
55Feroniagirlgoddess of springs and woodsLatin0Register to vote
56Festagirl2Register to vote
57FeyrongirlPronounced feh-runEnglish, German0Register to vote
58FideliagirlfaithfulLatin0Register to vote
59FidelitygirlfaithfulnesLatin1Register to vote
60Fifigirlhe shall addHebrew0Register to vote
61Fifinegirlhe shall addHebrew1Register to vote
62Fileragirleasy going, protective, and gentle0Register to vote
63FilomenagirlEnglish, Spanish0Register to vote
64FindabhairgirlGaelic0Register to vote
65FinleighgirlIrish4Register to vote
66Finleygirl6Register to vote
67FinvarragirlGaelic0Register to vote
68Fionagirlwhite, fairCeltic20Register to vote
69FionavargirlGaelic0Register to vote
70Fionngirlwhite, fairCeltic1Register to vote
71FiorenzagirlflowerItalian1Register to vote
72FirakigirlHindu0Register to vote
73Fishergirl2Register to vote
74Flannerygirlsheet of metal, flat landFrench5Register to vote
75Flaviagirlblond, golden hairLatin2Register to vote
76Fletagirlswift, fleetEnglish0Register to vote
77FleurgirlflowerFrench, Latin0Register to vote
78FlickagirlAmerican, Native-American0Register to vote
79Flonicagirlalmost perfectAmerican1Register to vote
80Florgirl1Register to vote
81FloragirlflowerLatin2Register to vote
82Florencegirlblooming flower, flourishingLatin4Register to vote
83Florence-EmanuellegirlA strong, classical, and spiritual queenCeltic, Greek0Register to vote
84Florenciagirl0Register to vote
85FlorexandragirlWater FlowerNative-American, Russian0Register to vote
86FloriagirlfloweringLatin1Register to vote
87FloriangirlfloweringLatin1Register to vote
88Florrie girl0Register to vote
89FlosgirlchieftainNorse0Register to vote
90Flossiegirl0Register to vote
91Flowergirl0Register to vote
92FloygirlGerman1Register to vote
93FolagirlhonorAfrican0Register to vote
94ForrestgirlAmerican0Register to vote
95Foxgirl0Register to vote
96Francesgirlfrom France, freeLatin3Register to vote
97FrancescagirlfreeTeutonic7Register to vote
98Franchescagirla great heartLatin0Register to vote
99FrancinegirlfreeTeutonic1Register to vote
100Francisgirl1Register to vote
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