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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Fishergirl2Register to vote
2Florenciagirl0Register to vote
3Finleygirl6Register to vote
4Faythgirl2Register to vote
5Festagirl2Register to vote
6Florgirl1Register to vote
7Faygirl2Register to vote
8Foxgirl0Register to vote
9Francisgirl1Register to vote
10Faunagirl0Register to vote
11Fileragirleasy going, protective, and gentle0Register to vote
12Farrigirl0Register to vote
13Farrarigirl0Register to vote
14Flowergirl0Register to vote
15Frostgirl2Register to vote
16Friedelgirl0Register to vote
17Florrie girl0Register to vote
18Farrengirl1Register to vote
19Fairleegirl0Register to vote
20FelicitygirlHappiness11Register to vote
21FairygirlFantasy2Register to vote
22Flossiegirl0Register to vote
23Falinegirl1Register to vote
24Falyngirl1Register to vote
25Freedagirl0Register to vote
26FolagirlhonorAfrican0Register to vote
27FaizahgirlvictoriousAfrican1Register to vote
28Femigirllove meAfrican2Register to vote
29FaithlygirlAmerican4Register to vote
30FerletgirlAmerican0Register to vote
31Flonicagirlalmost perfectAmerican1Register to vote
32FaredgirlAmerican0Register to vote
33FranzengirlAmerican0Register to vote
34ForrestgirlAmerican0Register to vote
35FlickagirlAmerican, Native-American0Register to vote
36FainagirljoyfulAnglo-Saxon4Register to vote
37FatingirlcaptivatingArabic1Register to vote
38Fatimagirldaughter of MuhammadArabic4Register to vote
39FahimagirlIntelligentArabic1Register to vote
40Fallongirlgrandchild of the ruler, in chargeCeltic16Register to vote
41Fionagirlwhite, fairCeltic20Register to vote
42Fainchegirlsaint's nameCeltic2Register to vote
43Fionngirlwhite, fairCeltic1Register to vote
44Florence-EmanuellegirlA strong, classical, and spiritual queenCeltic, Greek0Register to vote
45FarellgirlBeautiful, intelligent, hoseheadDutch0Register to vote
46Fletagirlswift, fleetEnglish0Register to vote
47Ferngirlleafy plantEnglish3Register to vote
48Faragirlbeautiful oneEnglish4Register to vote
49Faithlynngirlsweet, trustable, music rocker English1Register to vote
50Farrahgirlbeautiful, wild ass (donkey), beautiful oneEnglish, Latin3Register to vote
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