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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Isabellegirl18Register to vote
2Illianogirl0Register to vote
3Isabellannagirl 0Register to vote
4Izzygirl1Register to vote
5Inezgirl0Register to vote
6Indaliaigirlsea-feather, feather from the sea shore0Register to vote
7IveliagirlGirl0Register to vote
8Ishagirl0Register to vote
9Inanna girlQueen of the Heavens 1Register to vote
10Ionegirl0Register to vote
11Irelandgirl4Register to vote
12Islagirl6Register to vote
13Isabelegirl1Register to vote
14Ivoiregirl0Register to vote
15ilenegirl0Register to vote
16IrmagirlGod of war0Register to vote
17Irmgardgirl0Register to vote
18Isagirl2Register to vote
19Irainagirl0Register to vote
20Issagirl0Register to vote
21Isabellagirl213Register to vote
22ItagirlAfrican0Register to vote
23ImanigirlFaith in GodAfrican1Register to vote
24Isokegirlsatisfying giftAfrican0Register to vote
25IsbellagirlAmerican1Register to vote
26Izzybellgirlbouncy joyful and full of graceAmerican1Register to vote
27IlinagirlAmerican1Register to vote
28IredessagirlIightAmerican1Register to vote
29IssybellagirlstrongAmerican0Register to vote
30IsolynngirlPretty, ambitious, beautifulAmerican, English0Register to vote
31IvelissegirlAmerican, German, Hawaiian, Irish, Latin, Native-American, Russian0Register to vote
32Imangirlfaith, beliefArabic6Register to vote
33IsratgirlaffectionArabic0Register to vote
34Iratzegirlin reference to the Virgin MaryBasque0Register to vote
35IsoldegirlbeautifulCeltic4Register to vote
36Isisgirlsupreme goddessEgyptian4Register to vote
37IlianagirlArtisticEnglish1Register to vote
38IdagirlprosperousEnglish2Register to vote
39Indiagirlriver; from IndiaEnglish, Sanskrit0Register to vote
40IolanthegirlvioletFrench2Register to vote
41Ilsegirlshort for ElizabethGerman5Register to vote
42IdoniagirlindustriousGerman0Register to vote
43IrenegirlpeaceGreek3Register to vote
44Irisgirlrainbow, a play of colorsGreek9Register to vote
45Ionagirlflower name, purple jewelGreek2Register to vote
46IdolagirlidolizedGreek0Register to vote
47IogirlGreek2Register to vote
48Isadoragirlgift of the moonGreek4Register to vote
49Isauragirlsoft airGreek1Register to vote
50Ianthegirlviolet-colored flowerGreek3Register to vote
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