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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51Irelandgirl4Register to vote
52Iremgirlgardens in heavenTurkish0Register to vote
53IrenegirlpeaceGreek3Register to vote
54IrianagirlIrish2Register to vote
55IrinagirlRussian3Register to vote
56Irisgirlrainbow, a play of colorsGreek9Register to vote
57IrmagirlGod of war0Register to vote
58Irmgardgirl0Register to vote
59Isagirl2Register to vote
60Isabelgirlconsecrated to GodSpanish26Register to vote
61Isabelegirl1Register to vote
62Isabellagirl213Register to vote
63IsabellahgirlIrish, Spanish1Register to vote
64Isabellannagirl 0Register to vote
65Isabellegirl18Register to vote
66Isadoragirlgift of the moonGreek4Register to vote
67Isauragirlsoft airGreek1Register to vote
68IsbellagirlAmerican1Register to vote
69IselagirlDevoted to GodLatin0Register to vote
70Ishagirl0Register to vote
71IshanagirlrichHindu0Register to vote
72IshitagirlHindu0Register to vote
73Isisgirlsupreme goddessEgyptian4Register to vote
74Islagirl6Register to vote
75Isletagirllittle islandSpanish0Register to vote
76isobelgirlIrish6Register to vote
77Isokegirlsatisfying giftAfrican0Register to vote
78IsoldegirlbeautifulCeltic4Register to vote
79IsolynngirlPretty, ambitious, beautifulAmerican, English0Register to vote
80IsratgirlaffectionArabic0Register to vote
81Issagirl0Register to vote
82IssybellagirlstrongAmerican0Register to vote
83IstasgirlsnowNative-American1Register to vote
84ItagirlAfrican0Register to vote
85ItigirlHindu0Register to vote
86ItzelgirlMayan2Register to vote
87IvagirlGod's great gift, yew tree, God's GiftHebrew, Japanese1Register to vote
88IvanagirlGod is gracious, God's GiftHebrew3Register to vote
89IveliagirlGirl0Register to vote
90IvelissegirlAmerican, German, Hawaiian, Irish, Latin, Native-American, Russian0Register to vote
91IvettegirlArcherSpanish3Register to vote
92Ivoiregirl0Register to vote
93Ivorygirlwhite as ivoryLatin6Register to vote
94Ivygirlivy plant, a wine, God is graciousGreek, Hebrew32Register to vote
95Iwonagirl-Polish0Register to vote
96Ixchelgirlgoddess of the moon and fertilityMajan0Register to vote
97IzabelgirlSpanish3Register to vote
98Izzygirl1Register to vote
99Izzybellgirlbouncy joyful and full of graceAmerican1Register to vote
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