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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
501Koralynngirl0Register to vote
502KordoneagirlMountain0Register to vote
503Korelyegirl0Register to vote
504KorengirlmaidenGreek3Register to vote
505Kouklagirldoll ♥Greek1Register to vote
506KoumyagirlHindu1Register to vote
507Kourtneegirlyoung,talented,clam,peacefulAmerican0Register to vote
508KourtneygirlAmerican1Register to vote
509KourtnigirlAmerican0Register to vote
510KourtniegirlAmerican0Register to vote
511Kreegirl 0Register to vote
512Krengirl0Register to vote
513Krinagirl0Register to vote
514Krishagirldivine powerHindu0Register to vote
515KrisheenagirlAmerican0Register to vote
516krishveegirlcharming and beautiful as crystalHindu0Register to vote
517KrislyngirlAmerican1Register to vote
518Kristagirl1Register to vote
519Kristalgirlcrystal, diamond and purenessAmerican1Register to vote
520Kristengirlfollower of ChristLatin3Register to vote
521KristigirlAmerican0Register to vote
522KristileegirlSpanish0Register to vote
523Kristinagirl0Register to vote
524Kristinegirl1Register to vote
525KristiyannagirlKristy and Anna combined0Register to vote
526Kristygirl1Register to vote
527KrisztinagirlHungarian0Register to vote
528Krstlynngirl0Register to vote
529KrupagirlHindu0Register to vote
530KrupaligirlHindu0Register to vote
531KryeagirlNoneAfrican, American0Register to vote
532Krysanthagirlfrom chrysanthemumChinese0Register to vote
533Krystalgirl0Register to vote
534KrystalynngirlAmerican0Register to vote
535Krystinagirl0Register to vote
536KrystinegirlBeautifulAmerican0Register to vote
537Kshamagirlforgiveness, patience, a form of the DeviHindu0Register to vote
538Kuen girlIrish0Register to vote
539KuhukgirlHindu0Register to vote
540KumudgirlHindu0Register to vote
541KuntigirlHindu0Register to vote
542KurikogirlCute, sweetJapanese2Register to vote
543KusumgirlHindu0Register to vote
544KwynngirlqueenIrish1Register to vote
545Kya girlAmerican1Register to vote
546Kyahgirl0Register to vote
547KyanngirlAmerican0Register to vote
548Kyiagirlpretty1Register to vote
549Kyilangirl1Register to vote
550KyileagirlConfident, Powerful, Brave, Bright, or HonestAmerican0Register to vote
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