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551Kylagirlnarrow, narrow channel, honor, lovelyGaelic, English, Scottish5Register to vote
552Kylaishagirlblessing from heavenAfrican1Register to vote
553KylegirllovelyScottish, Gaelic3Register to vote
554Kyleegirl1Register to vote
555KyleighgirlAmerican1Register to vote
556KylenegirlEnglish, Norse0Register to vote
557Kyleygirl0Register to vote
558KyliegirlboomerangAborigine9Register to vote
559Kylienagirlform of Kylie0Register to vote
560Kymaeragirl1Register to vote
561Kymeriagirlblack african american1Register to vote
562KynagirlwiseGaelic1Register to vote
563kyndallgirlstrong 0Register to vote
564Kyndriagirl1Register to vote
565KynleegirlAmerican1Register to vote
566Kynseygirl1Register to vote
567Kynthiagirlborn under the sign of cancerGreek2Register to vote
568KynzleegirlBeautifulAmerican0Register to vote
569KynzliegirlAmerican0Register to vote
570KyokogirlmirrorJapanese0Register to vote
571Kyragirlsun5Register to vote
572KyrengirlAmerican0Register to vote
573KyriagirlMeans lady - to the chosen ladyGreek0Register to vote
574Kyriaegirllord have mercyLatin0Register to vote
575Kyringirlvariation of Corinne...pronounced the same way0Register to vote
576KyrziagirlDutch1Register to vote
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