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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Pachagirl6Register to vote
2PadmagirlHindu4Register to vote
3PadmégirlPadmé2Register to vote
4PadminigirlHindu1Register to vote
5Pagegirl4Register to vote
6Paigegirl63Register to vote
7Paijegirlpretty blonde, strong, nice, sweetAmerican, Irish1Register to vote
8Paisleygirl25Register to vote
9Paisygirl0Register to vote
10Paityngirl4Register to vote
11Pakunagirldeer jumping down hillNative-American0Register to vote
12PalacegirlAmerican1Register to vote
13Palashgirlflowring treeHindu0Register to vote
14Palenagirlpale beauty1Register to vote
15PallasgirlGoddess of truthGreek0Register to vote
16PallavigirlHindu0Register to vote
17Palmagirlpalm bearing pilgrimEnglish2Register to vote
18PalomagirlSpanish1Register to vote
19PalomigirlHindu1Register to vote
20Pamgirl2Register to vote
21Pambygirl2Register to vote
22PameegirlHindu0Register to vote
23PamelagirlhoneyedGreek3Register to vote
24PamelahgirlAmerican1Register to vote
25PamigirlCute-sweetEnglish0Register to vote
26Pandalenegirlvariation of english word Panda.Latin0Register to vote
27Pandoragirltalented oneGreek4Register to vote
28PankhudigirlHindu4Register to vote
29PankitagirlHindu2Register to vote
30Pankurygirllovely0Register to vote
31PansygirlthoughtFrench2Register to vote
32PantxikegirlfreeLatin0Register to vote
33Panyagirlcrowned with laurel; mouse, small childLatin0Register to vote
34Panyingirlolder of twinsGhanese1Register to vote
35Paolagirl1Register to vote
36PapillongirlbutterflyFrench2Register to vote
37PaprikagirlGiverHawaiian0Register to vote
38Parhamgirl0Register to vote
39Parisgirl7Register to vote
40Parisagirlangelic facePersian0Register to vote
41Parkgirl1Register to vote
42Parnikagirlauspicious ApsaraHindu5Register to vote
43Parnitagirlauspicious ApsaraHindu2Register to vote
44Parthivigirlthe Goddess SitaHindu1Register to vote
45Parulgirl2Register to vote
46Parvanigirlfull moonHindu0Register to vote
47Parvatigirlthe Goddess SarasvatiHindu1Register to vote
48ParveengirlstarHindu1Register to vote
49Parysgirl1Register to vote
50Pascalegirlborn at EasterFrench4Register to vote
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