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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51PassiongirlLove , Sweet , Careing .American1Register to vote
52Pastrishagirlfriendly,nice looking,loveable American, Polish1Register to vote
53PataftagirlRussian0Register to vote
54PatiagirlleafSpanish0Register to vote
55PatiencegirlsufferingLatin2Register to vote
56PatrecegirlAfrican, American, English0Register to vote
57Patriciagirlnoble one5Register to vote
58Patsygirl0Register to vote
59Pattigirl0Register to vote
60Pattygirlvariant of Patricia0Register to vote
61PaulagirlpetiteLatin0Register to vote
62Paulettegirl0Register to vote
63Paulinagirl0Register to vote
64Paulinegirl 0Register to vote
65PaulomigirlHindu0Register to vote
66PauravigirlHindu0Register to vote
67PavigirlHindu1Register to vote
68PaxtongirlAmerican0Register to vote
69PayalgirlankletHindu0Register to vote
70Paygegirl0Register to vote
71PaysongirlAmerican0Register to vote
72PaytengirlFun, Cute, Sweet oneAmerican1Register to vote
73Paytongirlwarrior's estateEnglish44Register to vote
74PaziagirlgoldenHebrew0Register to vote
75PeacegirlLatin2Register to vote
76Peachesgirl0Register to vote
77PeakegirlSpanish1Register to vote
78peargirlBeautiful flowerScottish0Register to vote
79PearlgirlgemstoneEnglish14Register to vote
80PearlettegirlAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
81Pebblesgirla stoneEnglish0Register to vote
82Peggirla pearlGreek0Register to vote
83Pegeengirla pearlGreek0Register to vote
84Peggygirla pearlGreek3Register to vote
85Pelagiagirlfrom the seaGreek1Register to vote
86Pembagirlthe force of present existenceAfrican0Register to vote
87PenalopegirlAmerican0Register to vote
88PendagirlloveSwahili0Register to vote
89PenelopegirlweaverGreek5Register to vote
90Penggirlhappy0Register to vote
91PenigirlweaverHawaiian0Register to vote
92Peninagirljewel, coralHebrew0Register to vote
93PennelopegirlStrongGreek2Register to vote
94Pennygirl0Register to vote
95Pentheagirlfifth, mournerGreek0Register to vote
96Peonygirlflower nameGreek1Register to vote
97PepingirlperseveranceGerman3Register to vote
98Peppergirlfrom the pepper plantEnglish1Register to vote
99PerditagirllostLatin0Register to vote
100PeregrinegirlwandererLatin0Register to vote
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