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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
101Perlagirl1Register to vote
102Pernellegirl0Register to vote
103PerouzegirlturquoiseArmenian0Register to vote
104PerrigirlwandererEnglish4Register to vote
105Perriegirllittle mix 1Register to vote
106PerrileagirlMerryAmerican0Register to vote
107Persephonegirlgoddess of the underworldGreek3Register to vote
108Persisgirlwoman from PersiaGreek0Register to vote
109PetaragirlLatin0Register to vote
110Petragirlrock, stoneLatin2Register to vote
111Petrinagirla rockGreek0Register to vote
112PetulagirlimpatientLatin0Register to vote
113Petuniagirla flowerLatin0Register to vote
114Petyagirlrock from Petra0Register to vote
115PeytongirlAmerican9Register to vote
116Phalongirl0Register to vote
117PhayoragirlWife of Zod0Register to vote
118Phedragirlshining oneGreek1Register to vote
119Philadelphiagirlbrotherly loveGreek0Register to vote
120PhilanagirladoringGreek0Register to vote
121PhilaniagirlUnique, and Powerful, Charming one!African, Celtic0Register to vote
122Philippagirlhorse loverGreek2Register to vote
123Philomenagirlsong lover, friend, lover of the moonGreek2Register to vote
124Phineasgirloracle; dark-skinnedGreek, Egyptian1Register to vote
125Phoebegirlbright oneGreek15Register to vote
126Phoebygirl0Register to vote
127Phoenagirlmystical bird, purpleGreek0Register to vote
128Phoenixgirl5Register to vote
129Phoenyxgirl0Register to vote
130PhoolangirlflowerHindu0Register to vote
131PhuonggirldestinyVietnamese0Register to vote
132PhutikagirlHindu0Register to vote
133Phyleagirl0Register to vote
134PhylisegirlAmerican0Register to vote
135Phyllidagirl0Register to vote
136Phyllisgirlleafy branch, dearGreek0Register to vote
137PiagirldevoutItalian0Register to vote
138PidogirlBeautiful fragranceChinese, Japanese0Register to vote
139PiedadgirlPiety, MercySpanish0Register to vote
140PilargirlpillarSpanish0Register to vote
141Pimgirl0Register to vote
142Pipergirlbagpipe playerEnglish46Register to vote
143Pippygirlgiddy, excitedAmerican0Register to vote
144Pivarigirla wife of SukhaHindu0Register to vote
145Pixiegirlsmall elf, fairyCeltic2Register to vote
146PiyaligirltreeHindu0Register to vote
147PlacidagirltranquilityLatin0Register to vote
148Plimptongirl1Register to vote
149Pocahontasgirl0Register to vote
150Pollygirlvariant of Molly0Register to vote
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