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51Raleighgirldeer meadowEnglish2Register to vote
52Raleygirl0Register to vote
53Ralinangirlgift of welcomeTurkish0Register to vote
54RamaigirlAn emotional being that controls others emotions.Native-American0Register to vote
55RamisagirlScandinavian0Register to vote
56Ramlagirlone who predicts the futureEgyptian0Register to vote
57Ramonagirlwise protectorSpanish2Register to vote
58Ramyagirlelegant, beautifulHindu2Register to vote
59Ranaegirl3Register to vote
60Randeegirl3Register to vote
61Randigirlfeminine of Randall2Register to vote
62Ranegirlqueen, pureNorwegian1Register to vote
63Raneegirl1Register to vote
64Raneygirl.American1Register to vote
65Ranigirla queenHindu3Register to vote
66RaniagirlroyalSanskrit1Register to vote
67RaniellagirlGirl version of 'Ranielle'0Register to vote
68RaNilagirlAfrican1Register to vote
69RanissagirlAmerican0Register to vote
70RanjanagirlHindu0Register to vote
71RanjitagirlHindu0Register to vote
72RanzygirlAmazingAmerican0Register to vote
73Raphaelagirldivine healerHebrew2Register to vote
74Raphaellagirlhealed by GodHebrew2Register to vote
75Raquellegirlanother form of Rachel0Register to vote
76Rasanagirl0Register to vote
77RaschelgirlPerfectFrench1Register to vote
78Rasheedagirl0Register to vote
79RashidagirlrighteousAfrican2Register to vote
80Rashikagirlcute 0Register to vote
81Rashkitagirl0Register to vote
82RasigirlHindu0Register to vote
83RasikagirlHindu0Register to vote
84Rasinegirla rosePolish0Register to vote
85RasnagirlHindu0Register to vote
86Ratigirla DeviHindu0Register to vote
87RaushagirlArabic0Register to vote
88RaveenagirlHindu0Register to vote
89Ravengirl7Register to vote
90Raveygirlfree spirit; open skiesAmerican1Register to vote
91RawangirlA flower blooming and the rain drop.Arabic2Register to vote
92Rawniegirl0Register to vote
93Raygirl3Register to vote
94Rayagirl3Register to vote
95Rayanngirl1Register to vote
96Rayannagirl3Register to vote
97Rayannegirl1Register to vote
98Rayegirl1Register to vote
99Rayellegirl2Register to vote
100Raygangirl4Register to vote
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