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151RenesmeegirlVampire baby in breaking dawnAmerican1Register to vote
152RenezmaegirlVampire baby in Breaking DawnAmerican1Register to vote
153Renitagirlto be firmLatin2Register to vote
154RenukagirlHindu0Register to vote
155ResedagirlhealingLatin0Register to vote
156ReshmagirlsilkyHindu0Register to vote
157RespushagirlObeastAfrican0Register to vote
158Ressemegirlbeauty,loyal,cleverEnglish1Register to vote
159Ressiegirl0Register to vote
160Rethagirl0Register to vote
161Revagirl0Register to vote
162RevandagirlAfrican, American0Register to vote
163Revatigirlwife of BalaramaHindu0Register to vote
164Revegirlcute sensitiveSpanish0Register to vote
165RevelationgirlLatin1Register to vote
166ReveriegirlA daydream/ dreamAmerican, French0Register to vote
167Reygirl0Register to vote
168ReyagirlQueenSpanish3Register to vote
169Reychelgirlone with purityHebrew0Register to vote
170ReyesgirlroyalSpanish0Register to vote
171ReynagirlPure, clean, queenHebrew, Spanish0Register to vote
172Rheagirlstream, mother; poppyGreek, Latin0Register to vote
173Rheannagirl1Register to vote
174RhiamongirlwitchWelsh0Register to vote
175RhiannagirlIrish1Register to vote
176Rhiannongirla mythological nymphWelsh6Register to vote
177RhodagirlroseGreek0Register to vote
178Rhodanthegirlflower of the rose bushGreek2Register to vote
179Rhondagirlgood spearCeltic3Register to vote
180Rhoswengirlwhite roseGaelic0Register to vote
181Rhyanngirl[Ryan] little queenAmerican1Register to vote
182RhylynnegirlComes from the name riley pronounced rye (like the bread)-lin Anglo-Saxon, Welsh2Register to vote
183RhyssagirlStream0Register to vote
184Riagirlmouth of a riverSpanish3Register to vote
185Riallagirl(Ree-all-a)African1Register to vote
186Rianegirllittle kingGaelic1Register to vote
187Riannagirl1Register to vote
188Riannegirl2Register to vote
189Riannongirlgreat queen, witch, or goddessWelsh2Register to vote
190RibquahgirlHebrew name it means come together.Hebrew0Register to vote
191RicelagirlSpanish0Register to vote
192RicharmagirldelicateAfrican0Register to vote
193Richellegirlpowerful ruler; brave oneGerman, English2Register to vote
194RichildgirlInspiration through musicEnglish0Register to vote
195RickenagirlCzech0Register to vote
196RiddhigirlSiddhi will followHindu0Register to vote
197RidhigirlProsperityHindu0Register to vote
198Riekogirlchild of RieJapanese0Register to vote
199RiellegirlFemale version of the male name RielFrench0Register to vote
200Rieslinggirl0Register to vote
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