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101Bershboyone yearEnglish0Register to vote
102BethshayagirlEnglish0Register to vote
103Bevalboylike the windEnglish0Register to vote
104BevelyngirlLovelyEnglish0Register to vote
105Beverleegirlbeaver streamEnglish0Register to vote
106Beverligirlfrom the stream of a beaverEnglish2Register to vote
107Beverlygirlmeadow of beaversEnglish2Register to vote
108Beverlyboymeadow of beaversEnglish2Register to vote
109Billboyform of the name WilliamEnglish3Register to vote
110Bingwenboystrong English1Register to vote
111BirchboywhiteEnglish1Register to vote
112Bishopboya bishopEnglish4Register to vote
113BladeboygloryEnglish2Register to vote
114Blakeboyfair-haired, pallidEnglish27Register to vote
115BlaneboyBrave Boy with many hopesEnglish2Register to vote
116BlithegirlhappyEnglish2Register to vote
117BlossomgirllovelyEnglish14Register to vote
118BlythegirljoyousEnglish3Register to vote
119Bobboybright, famousEnglish2Register to vote
120Bobbigirlnickname for RobertaEnglish1Register to vote
121Boltonboyof the manor farmEnglish0Register to vote
122Bondboytiller of the soilEnglish0Register to vote
123Bonnie-JogirlEnglish1Register to vote
124Bookerboybeech treeEnglish2Register to vote
125BoothboyhutEnglish2Register to vote
126Bordenboynear the boar's den, cottageEnglish0Register to vote
127BostyngirlBossy,additude, sweetEnglish1Register to vote
128Bowmanboythe archerEnglish0Register to vote
129Bradboybroad meadowEnglish1Register to vote
130Bradenboyfrom the broad valleyEnglish8Register to vote
131Bradfordboybroad crossingEnglish0Register to vote
132Bradleeboyvariant spelling of BradleyEnglish0Register to vote
133Bradleyboybroad meadowEnglish13Register to vote
134BraelyngirlEnglish2Register to vote
135Brahnanboycourageous oneEnglish0Register to vote
136Bramwellboyplace nameEnglish0Register to vote
137Brandonboyfiery hill, swordEnglish18Register to vote
138Brawleyboyfrom the hilltop meadowEnglish0Register to vote
139Brayboyto cry outEnglish1Register to vote
140Braydenboybrave, broadEnglish36Register to vote
141Breezegirla gental wisp of airEnglish0Register to vote
142Brendagirlfiery hill, sword-bladeEnglish4Register to vote
143BrenlynngirlEnglish1Register to vote
144Brennanboyto brandEnglish4Register to vote
145Brentboyfiery hill, steep hillEnglish3Register to vote
146Brettboya native of Brittany, BritonEnglish4Register to vote
147BrewsterboybrewerEnglish1Register to vote
148Briagirlvariant of BrianneEnglish4Register to vote
149BrianngirlSticks to there own beliefs!English2Register to vote
150Brighamboyone who lives near a bridge, soldierEnglish0Register to vote
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