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151BrinleyboytawnyEnglish1Register to vote
152Brishenboyborn during a rainEnglish0Register to vote
153BritanniagirlgoodnessEnglish0Register to vote
154Britneygirlfrom Great BritainEnglish0Register to vote
155BrockboybadgerEnglish1Register to vote
156Broderickboyson of Roderick, from the broad ridgeEnglish0Register to vote
157Brogangirlsturdy and strongEnglish0Register to vote
158Bromleyboybrush-covered meadowEnglish1Register to vote
159Bronsonboyson of Brown, son of the dark-skinned oneEnglish3Register to vote
160BrookgirlstreamEnglish0Register to vote
161BrooklandgirlwindscreenEnglish0Register to vote
162BrooklingirlEnglish1Register to vote
163BrooklyngirlwaterEnglish46Register to vote
164BrooklynngirlwaterEnglish16Register to vote
165BrownboycolorEnglish0Register to vote
166Buckboythe deerEnglish0Register to vote
167Buckleyboymeadow of deerEnglish0Register to vote
168Budboyherald, to puff up, friendEnglish0Register to vote
169Bunnygirllittle rabbitEnglish1Register to vote
170Burdettegirlsmall birdEnglish0Register to vote
171Byronboyfrom the cottageEnglish2Register to vote
172Calderboyriver of stones, streamEnglish2Register to vote
173Caldwellboycold springEnglish1Register to vote
174CalhounboywarriorEnglish0Register to vote
175Callinboystrong and manlyEnglish2Register to vote
176CallumboyEnglish4Register to vote
177CalvertboyshepherdEnglish3Register to vote
178Camerongirlbent nose, dark-haired beautyEnglish12Register to vote
179Cameronboybent noseEnglish13Register to vote
180CammiegirlEnglish2Register to vote
181Camoyagirldelicate and blessedEnglish2Register to vote
182CarletonboyCarl's townEnglish1Register to vote
183Carlinggirlhill where old women or witches gatherEnglish1Register to vote
184Carlisleboyfrom the walled cityEnglish1Register to vote
185Carltonboyfrom Carl's farmEnglish1Register to vote
186CarlyleboyCarl's islandEnglish0Register to vote
187CarringtongirlbeautifulEnglish3Register to vote
188CarringtonboybeautifulEnglish2Register to vote
189Carterboycart driverEnglish29Register to vote
190Carverboysculptor, wood carverEnglish3Register to vote
191CaslynngirlEnglish2Register to vote
192CastenboyBold - fighterEnglish1Register to vote
193catharenboypure,beautifulEnglish0Register to vote
194CeejayboyEnglish0Register to vote
195CessilygirlBlind Of Self BeautyEnglish0Register to vote
196Chadboywarlike, warriorEnglish3Register to vote
197Chalboyboy, sonEnglish0Register to vote
198Chanceboykeeper of the records; originally was a nickname for ChancellorEnglish7Register to vote
199ChanningboyknowingEnglish4Register to vote
200ChapmanboymerchantEnglish0Register to vote
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