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201Doriagirlplace nameGreek0Register to vote
202Dorianboyplace nameGreek3Register to vote
203Dorindagirlgift of god, beautiful oneGreek1Register to vote
204Dorisgirla Dorian woman, of the seaGreek0Register to vote
205Dorothygirla gift of GodGreek3Register to vote
206Dreamagirljoyous musicGreek0Register to vote
207DrucillagirlDewey eyesGreek0Register to vote
208Dymasboyfather of hecateGreek1Register to vote
209DynagirlpowerfulGreek1Register to vote
210DysisgirlsunsetGreek0Register to vote
211DysthegirlGreek0Register to vote
212Echogirla nymph, repeated voiceGreek28Register to vote
213Efterpigirlpretty in faceGreek1Register to vote
214EileengirlGreek3Register to vote
215EirenegirlpeaceGreek0Register to vote
216Eldorisgirlof the seaGreek0Register to vote
217Eleanorgirllight, mercyGreek16Register to vote
218Electragirlbright, the shining oneGreek4Register to vote
219EleisongirlHave MercyGreek0Register to vote
220Elektragirlbright lightGreek1Register to vote
221Elenigirllight or torchGreek3Register to vote
222Elissagirlqueen of CarthageGreek5Register to vote
223Ellyboy Greek0Register to vote
224ElmagirlamiableGreek1Register to vote
225Elodiegirlmarshy, white blossomGreek4Register to vote
226EmilinagirlGreek0Register to vote
227Eranthegirlspring flowerGreek0Register to vote
228ErasmagirlamiableGreek0Register to vote
229ErasmusboyamiableGreek0Register to vote
230Erianthegirlsweet as many flowersGreek0Register to vote
231ErimenthagirlCollecter of thoughts/ProtectorGreek0Register to vote
232Eryxboyson of Aphrodite and PoseidonGreek5Register to vote
233EudociagirlesteemedGreek1Register to vote
234Eudorboygood giftGreek0Register to vote
235Eudoragirldelightful giftGreek2Register to vote
236Eugeneboyborn luckyGreek1Register to vote
237Eugeniaboyborn luckyGreek1Register to vote
238Eulaliagirlfair of speechGreek1Register to vote
239EunicegirlvictoriousGreek2Register to vote
240Euphemiagirlof fair fameGreek0Register to vote
241EuridiceboyjusticeGreek0Register to vote
242EustaceboyfruitfulGreek0Register to vote
243Evadinegirlfrom Greek mythologyGreek0Register to vote
244Evadnegirla water-nymphGreek0Register to vote
245Evanderboyearly founder of Rome, benevolent rulerGreek0Register to vote
246Evangeliagirlone who brings good newsGreek0Register to vote
247EvangelinagirlangelGreek2Register to vote
248Evangelinegirllike an angelGreek21Register to vote
249EvanthegirlflowerGreek1Register to vote
250Fedoragirldivine giftGreek1Register to vote
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