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251GaeagirlGoddess of the EarthGreek2Register to vote
252Gaidrianboyof the nightGreek1Register to vote
253Galateagirlmilk-whiteGreek2Register to vote
254Galatiagirl(Galatea)Greek1Register to vote
255Gelasiagirlpredisposed to laughterGreek0Register to vote
256Georgeboyfarmer, to work the earthGreek9Register to vote
257Georgettegirlfeminine of GeorgeGreek0Register to vote
258Georgiagirlfarmer, to work the earth, feminine of GeorgeGreek10Register to vote
259Georgianagirlfeminine of GeorgeGreek0Register to vote
260Gilesboybearer of shieldGreek2Register to vote
261Gomezgirlhappy Greek1Register to vote
262Graeaegirlgray onesGreek0Register to vote
263Gredelgirla pearlGreek0Register to vote
264Griffinboymythological beastGreek5Register to vote
265GyroboyGreek0Register to vote
266HadesboyhellGreek0Register to vote
267HaideegirlmodestGreek2Register to vote
268Halliegirlthinking of the seaGreek14Register to vote
269HalogirlDivine AuraGreek4Register to vote
270HeitorboyAnother form of "Hector", latin form of itGreek0Register to vote
271Helengirlbright one, torchlight, lightGreek5Register to vote
272HelenagirllightGreek12Register to vote
273Heragirlqueen of the godsGreek2Register to vote
274Herculesboyglorious giftGreek0Register to vote
275HeroboyBrave One Of The PeopleGreek0Register to vote
276Hespergirlevening starGreek0Register to vote
277HomerboypromiseGreek0Register to vote
278HonnagirlGreek0Register to vote
279Hyacinthgirlhyacinth flowerGreek0Register to vote
280HypatiagirlhighestGreek0Register to vote
281Ianthegirlviolet-colored flowerGreek3Register to vote
282IdolagirlidolizedGreek0Register to vote
283IogirlGreek2Register to vote
284Ionagirlflower name, purple jewelGreek2Register to vote
285IrenegirlpeaceGreek3Register to vote
286Irisgirlrainbow, a play of colorsGreek9Register to vote
287Isadoragirlgift of the moonGreek4Register to vote
288Isauragirlsoft airGreek1Register to vote
289JacindagirlbeautifulGreek3Register to vote
290JacintagirllovelyGreek3Register to vote
291JacinthegirlhyacinthGreek1Register to vote
292JasabelgirlGreat fighterGreek1Register to vote
293Jenogirlheaven, well-bornGreek0Register to vote
294Jeromeboyof holy nameGreek1Register to vote
295JerryboyholyGreek0Register to vote
296JirehgirlProviderGreek1Register to vote
297jovanniboyGreek1Register to vote
298JoveboyGodGreek2Register to vote
299JovyboydoveGreek1Register to vote
300Juliusboycolored hairGreek4Register to vote
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