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5451MiladiegirlEnglish0Register to vote
5452ShaleahgirlRoseScottish0Register to vote
5453Keimeegirlfrom kim0Register to vote
5454Anyrahgirlmix of Antoine and FarrahEnglish, Latin0Register to vote
5455Nubiagirlbeautifull, wise,athleticAfrican0Register to vote
5456Karnigirlmajestic one of the warriorAnglo-Saxon, Scandinavian0Register to vote
5457Sydniegirlone of the willow, two of the oakGaelic0Register to vote
5458VennelagirlMoonlightAfrican, Hindu0Register to vote
5459KarensagirlMeaning "Love"0Register to vote
5460Yanagirlgood kind lovingHindu0Register to vote
5461MaracagirlAmerican0Register to vote
5462MaisongirlAmerican0Register to vote
5463Rogenagirl0Register to vote
5464Khardijiagirlearly babyAfrican, Latin0Register to vote
5465RylaingirlAmerican0Register to vote
5466Kareenagirl0Register to vote
5467JihegirlWisdomAmerican, Anglo-Saxon0Register to vote
5468HrieyaagirlShynessHawaiian, Yoruban0Register to vote
5469Juilettegirl0Register to vote
5470NosheenagirlArabic0Register to vote
5471Kinugirl[key-new]Japanese0Register to vote
5472Coralainagirlmixture of coral and elainaEnglish, Greek0Register to vote
5473TheolainagirlMixture of Theo and ElainaGreek0Register to vote
5474Shanedahgirlpretty little baby girlNative-American0Register to vote
5475Kaylinda girl0Register to vote
5476KolsongirlAmerican0Register to vote
5477RobinettgirlSomething different0Register to vote
5478AunaleygirlAmerican0Register to vote
5479Julizagirl(ja-lee-sa) free minded and beautiful in ones own wayLatin0Register to vote
5480AmnestygirlPeace Maker;forgiverEnglish0Register to vote
5481Cindagirla short verison for cinderellaAmerican, Irish0Register to vote
5482TerrilynngirlAmerican0Register to vote
5483KatlynnegirlMystical, magicalAmerican0Register to vote
5484RaijenegirlAmerican0Register to vote
5485TyragirlBrown hairGaelic, Native-American0Register to vote
5486EmgirlArabic0Register to vote
5487DrewannegirlCreative0Register to vote
5488MenulchagirlSweet0Register to vote
5489AwandegirlThe family is becoming moreAfrican0Register to vote
5490AshlareegirlCombination of "Ashley" and "Laree"American0Register to vote
5491Marquisgirl0Register to vote
5492CaytengirlAmerican0Register to vote
5493ZarlagirlLegend (Australian)0Register to vote
5494DesmiongirlAmerican0Register to vote
5495Riogirl0Register to vote
5496Novembergirleleventh monthAmerican0Register to vote
5497Donyalegirlborn of Don, will go to great heightsAfrican0Register to vote
5498ChanceygirlAmerican0Register to vote
5499KevionnagirlAfrican, American0Register to vote
5500Ralinangirlgift of welcomeTurkish0Register to vote
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