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1Ainagirlcomplicated deliveryYoruban0Register to vote
2EnteriabgirlThe favoriteYoruban0Register to vote
3Jumokegirleveryone loves the babyYoruban0Register to vote
4Kikiloluwagirlpraise GodYoruban0Register to vote
5Olayinkagirlhonors surround meYoruban2Register to vote
6Alakegirlone pettedYoruban0Register to vote
7Abionagirlborn on a journeyYoruban3Register to vote
8Aparagirlone who comes and goesYoruban0Register to vote
9Kehindegirlsecond of twinsYoruban0Register to vote
10OluwakemigirlGod pamper meYoruban0Register to vote
11Amokegirlto pet herYoruban1Register to vote
12Adesinagirlthe way is opened for moreYoruban0Register to vote
13Yejidegirlimage of her motherYoruba0Register to vote
14Frumagirlone who is religiousYiddish0Register to vote
15LebagirlbelovedYiddish1Register to vote
16Mindelgirlsea of bitternessYiddish0Register to vote
17SyshegirlstreetYiddish0Register to vote
18ShayndelgirlbeautifulYiddish1Register to vote
19EnyegirlgraceYiddish0Register to vote
20Bryngirlhill, coatWelsh, Norwegian3Register to vote
21Glynisgirllittle valleyWelsh0Register to vote
22Glynnisgirlbeautiful and holyWelsh0Register to vote
23WynngirlfairWelsh2Register to vote
24TaffygirlbelovedWelsh5Register to vote
25Gaynorgirlindependant, strong, mysterious, family orientatedWelsh1Register to vote
26RhiamongirlwitchWelsh0Register to vote
27Riannongirlgreat queen, witch, or goddessWelsh2Register to vote
28GinevragirlFair and SmoothWelsh0Register to vote
29TydfillgirlWelsh0Register to vote
30ArienegirlsilveryWelsh0Register to vote
31Bronwyngirlfair breastWelsh6Register to vote
32Enidgirlquiet woman, soulWelsh0Register to vote
33Myfanwygirlsweet womanWelsh0Register to vote
34GlendolyngirlValley of RingsWelsh2Register to vote
35Gwynethgirlwhite; blessed, fortunateWelsh1Register to vote
36Emlyngirlplace nameWelsh1Register to vote
37CelyngirlWelsh0Register to vote
38DilysgirlgenuineWelsh1Register to vote
39ArianagirlsilveryWelsh19Register to vote
40Rhiannongirla mythological nymphWelsh6Register to vote
41Vevaygirlwhite waveWelsh0Register to vote
42Jennifergirlwhite wave, white spirit, white cheekedWelsh11Register to vote
43Guineveregirlwhite, fair; white waveWelsh4Register to vote
44CaradocgirlamiableWelsh1Register to vote
45ArraylgirlSunshineWelsh0Register to vote
46TeigangirlBeautiful starWelsh0Register to vote
47Meredithgirlprotector of the seaWelsh4Register to vote
48GwenhyvargirlWelsh0Register to vote
49Camgirlorange fruit, sweet, beloved, referring to the sunVietnamese, English4Register to vote
50Taigirltalent; from ThailandVietnamese, American1Register to vote
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