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1ZyriagirluniqueAmerican1Register to vote
2ZyndashagirlbeautifulEnglish1Register to vote
3Zylagirl(zy-luh)0Register to vote
4ZyanyagirlAlwaysTeutonic1Register to vote
5ZweenagirlbeautifulAmerican0Register to vote
6Zuzagirlgraceful lilyCzech0Register to vote
7ZurielgirlGod is my rockHebrew0Register to vote
8ZuriaagirlBasque0Register to vote
9Zurigirl1Register to vote
10Zulimygirlnice0Register to vote
11ZuleygirlRussian, Spanish0Register to vote
12ZulemagirlpeaceArabic0Register to vote
13Zulekhagirl0Register to vote
14Zuleikagirlfair-hairedArabic0Register to vote
15ZulagirlHebrew0Register to vote
16ZubiegirlFrom the west African tribe; meaning strong,yet precious. African1Register to vote
17ZsaZsagirlrose, lilyHungarian0Register to vote
18Zoynagirlfrom ZainaArabic0Register to vote
19ZoyagirlLoving, CaringRussian0Register to vote
20ZowangirlAfrican0Register to vote
21Zotiagirlone with wisdomPolish0Register to vote
22ZosimagirllivelyGreek0Register to vote
23ZoryagirlMeaning: "Rising Star"Russian0Register to vote
24Zoriegirlgolden dawnHebrew0Register to vote
25Zoragirlgolden dawnSlavic, Greek3Register to vote
26ZontisegirlPronounced zon-teeceAmerican0Register to vote
27ZondagirlHebrew0Register to vote
28ZonagirlprostituteLatin0Register to vote
29Zoliogirlit is pretty1Register to vote
30ZoleengirlHebrew1Register to vote
31Zolagirlball of earthItalian4Register to vote
32Zoilagirlchild1Register to vote
33ZoiegirlLove peace hopeAmerican1Register to vote
34Zoeygirl17Register to vote
35ZoellegirlZoe mixed with NoelleAmerican1Register to vote
36ZoegirllifeGreek30Register to vote
37ZmiahgirlprettyAmerican1Register to vote
38Zizigirldedicated to GodHungarian1Register to vote
39Zivagirlbright, radiantHebrew0Register to vote
40Zitagirlthe seeker; virginHebrew, Persian0Register to vote
41ZiselgirlsweetHebrew0Register to vote
42Ziragirl0Register to vote
43Zionagirla signHebrew1Register to vote
44ZinthiagirlSpanish0Register to vote
45Zinniagirlflower nameEnglish3Register to vote
46Zinetigirlprecious0Register to vote
47Zinaidagirlof ZeusGreek0Register to vote
48ZinagirlnameAfrican0Register to vote
49Zimragirlsong of praiseHebrew0Register to vote
50ZimasagirlAfrican0Register to vote
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