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4001Disagirlactive spiritNorwegian0Register to vote
4002Ditagirlrich giftCzech0Register to vote
4003Kshamagirlforgiveness, patience, a form of the DeviHindu0Register to vote
4004KuhukgirlHindu0Register to vote
4005YeigirlflourishingJapanese0Register to vote
4006Yejidegirlimage of her motherYoruba0Register to vote
4007YelizgirlTurkish0Register to vote
4008Yenenegirlwizard poisoning a sleeping personNative-American0Register to vote
4009Ylwagirlshe-wolfScandinavian0Register to vote
4010YoginigirlHindu0Register to vote
4011YogitagirlHindu0Register to vote
4012YomarisgirlI am the sunSpanish0Register to vote
4013YoninahgirldoveHebrew0Register to vote
4014Yoshikogirlchild of YoshiJapanese0Register to vote
4015Yumakogirlchild of YumaJapanese0Register to vote
4016Yumikogirlchild of YumiJapanese0Register to vote
4017Yurikogirlchild of YuriJapanese0Register to vote
4018Yutsukogirlchild of YutsoJapanese0Register to vote
4019ZarifagirlsuccessfulArabic0Register to vote
4020ZarnagirlHindu0Register to vote
4021Zashagirlform of SashaRussian0Register to vote
4022ZawatigirlgiftSwahili0Register to vote
4023ZayitgirlHebrew0Register to vote
4024ZaynahgirlgreatArabic0Register to vote
4025Zdenkagirlone from Sidon, a winding sheetCzech0Register to vote
4026ZeanesgirlHebrew0Register to vote
4027Zebinagirlone who is giftedGreek0Register to vote
4028ZehavagirlgoldenHebrew0Register to vote
4029ZeitiagirlGalician0Register to vote
4030Zenaidegirlone who has devoted his life to GodGreek0Register to vote
4031ZendagirlsacredPersian0Register to vote
4032ZeniagirlhospitableGreek0Register to vote
4033Zerdaligirlwild apricotTurkish0Register to vote
4034Zerlinagirlbeautiful dawnLatin, Spanish0Register to vote
4035ZerringirlgoldenTurkish0Register to vote
4036ZeruahgirlHebrew0Register to vote
4037Zetagirl0Register to vote
4038ZethelgirlHebrew0Register to vote
4039ZevidagirlgiftHebrew0Register to vote
4040ZhaloregirlHebrew0Register to vote
4041ZhengirlchasteChinese0Register to vote
4042Ziagirlto tremble, a kind of grainHebrew, Latin0Register to vote
4043ZiahongirlHebrew0Register to vote
4044ZiazangirlrainbowArmenian0Register to vote
4045Ziganagirlgypsy girlHungarian0Register to vote
4046ZiliagirlAragonese0Register to vote
4047ZillagirlshadowHebrew0Register to vote
4048Zillahgirl0Register to vote
4049Zilligirlmy shadow0Register to vote
4050Zimragirlsong of praiseHebrew0Register to vote
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