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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Jolsonboy0Register to vote
2Jimmyboy3Register to vote
3Javeonboy1Register to vote
4Jayboy3Register to vote
5JetonicboyLucky, happy0Register to vote
6Janboy3Register to vote
7Jetsomboy0Register to vote
8Jordonboy3Register to vote
9JirehboyProvider0Register to vote
10Jevinboy0Register to vote
11Jiminyboy0Register to vote
12Jerrichoboy1Register to vote
13Jarenboy2Register to vote
14JensenboyGod is gracious4Register to vote
15Jaxonboy6Register to vote
16Jumbaboy0Register to vote
17Jahmalboy3Register to vote
18Jaceboy20Register to vote
19JamilboyJaime 0Register to vote
20Jacobyboy4Register to vote
21JaxenboyGod has been gracious11Register to vote
22JecobboyJecob 0Register to vote
23jariusboy0Register to vote
24Jarretboy2Register to vote
25Jacenboy3Register to vote
26Jaquanboy1Register to vote
27Jamereboy1Register to vote
28JaasielboyMale 3Register to vote
29JaidenboyGos has heard4Register to vote
30JohnathanboyThe biblical version of Jonathan or Jonathon3Register to vote
31Jerrinboy1Register to vote
32Ji"Aireboy0Register to vote
33Jeremeboy0Register to vote
34Jayganboy-1Register to vote
35Jilsonboy1Register to vote
36Jaiwanthboy2Register to vote
37JouneboyAfrican1Register to vote
38JelaniboymightyAfrican0Register to vote
39Jayvynboylight spiritAfrican3Register to vote
40Jumaboyborn on a FridayAfrican0Register to vote
41Jaelonboystrong & sophisticated oneAfrican4Register to vote
42Jabariboybrave, fearlessAfrican4Register to vote
43JevaunboyAngel of LifeAfrican, American3Register to vote
44JustinboyAfrican, American6Register to vote
45Jamacoboyhonest, loyalAfrican, Czech, Native-American, Polish0Register to vote
46JadakoboySmall but mighty & strongAfrican, Native-American4Register to vote
47JetmirboyAlbanian0Register to vote
48JarellboyAmerican0Register to vote
49JayceboyAmerican4Register to vote
50JadolfboyAmerican1Register to vote
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