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101Jaysukhboypleasure of victoryHindu0Register to vote
102Jayvalboykind hearted Hindu0Register to vote
103Jayvynboylight spiritAfrican3Register to vote
104JeagerboyFun, Strong, Smart, Cute, SensitiveAmerican, German0Register to vote
105Jeah'vonneboyFrench1Register to vote
106JeanboyGod is graciousFrench0Register to vote
107Jean-LucboyFrench1Register to vote
108Jean-PierreboyFrench1Register to vote
109Jebboybeloved friend, nickname for the name JebidiahHebrew3Register to vote
110Jebidiahboybeloved friendHebrew2Register to vote
111JecobboyJecob 0Register to vote
112Jedboythe handArabic1Register to vote
113Jedi boyfrom StarwarsEnglish2Register to vote
114Jedidiahboybeloved of the LordHebrew1Register to vote
115Jedrekboystrong, manlyPolish2Register to vote
116JeevanboylifeHindu2Register to vote
117JeevanboyHindu0Register to vote
118Jeffboynickname for the name JeffreyEnglish2Register to vote
119Jeffersonboyson of JeffreyEnglish0Register to vote
120JeffreyboyGod's peaceTeutonic8Register to vote
121Jeffrieboypeaceful rulerGerman0Register to vote
122JefthaboyFrench0Register to vote
123JelaniboymightyAfrican0Register to vote
124Jenkinsboylittle JohnFlemish0Register to vote
125JensenboyGod is gracious4Register to vote
126JensonboySwedish0Register to vote
127JereboyShortened form of Jeremiah Hebrew0Register to vote
128Jeremeboy0Register to vote
129Jeremiahboyexalted of the LordHebrew10Register to vote
130JeremieboyAmerican0Register to vote
131JeremyboyGod will uplift, appointed by GodHebrew11Register to vote
132Jeriboynickname for the name GeraldFrench0Register to vote
133Jermaineboyfrom GermanyFrench0Register to vote
134JerodboydescendantHebrew3Register to vote
135Jeroldboymighty with the spearTeutonic0Register to vote
136Jerolinboyholy nameLatin0Register to vote
137Jeromeboyof holy nameGreek1Register to vote
138Jerrichoboy1Register to vote
139Jerrinboy1Register to vote
140Jerrodboygood luckAmerican, English0Register to vote
141JerryboyholyGreek0Register to vote
142JerzyboyfarmerPolish0Register to vote
143JesseboywealthyHebrew7Register to vote
144JestinboyVariant of JustinWelsh0Register to vote
145JesusboyGod will helpHebrew3Register to vote
146JetmirboyAlbanian0Register to vote
147JetonicboyLucky, happy0Register to vote
148Jetsomboy0Register to vote
149Jettboyjet black gemEnglish12Register to vote
150JevaunboyAngel of LifeAfrican, American3Register to vote
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