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51JanardanboyHindu0Register to vote
52Jaquanboy1Register to vote
53Jaquesboyform of Jacob and James; the supplanterFrench2Register to vote
54Jaredboyone who rulesHebrew9Register to vote
55Jarekboyborn in JanuaryPolish2Register to vote
56Jarelboyblend of Jar and DerrellEnglish1Register to vote
57JarellboyAmerican0Register to vote
58Jarenboy2Register to vote
59jariusboy0Register to vote
60Jarlathboya tributary lordHebrew1Register to vote
61Jarmanboya GermanEnglish0Register to vote
62JarodboydescendentHebrew3Register to vote
63Jaroldboystrong with a spearGerman0Register to vote
64Jaronboyto cry out, singingHebrew0Register to vote
65Jaroslavboybeauty of springSlavic0Register to vote
66Jarrahboyeucalyptus treeAustralian Aboriginal0Register to vote
67JarredboydescendHebrew2Register to vote
68Jarretboy2Register to vote
69JarrettboyStrongAmerican3Register to vote
70JarrodboydescendHebrew4Register to vote
71Jarvisboydriver, a conquerorEnglish1Register to vote
72JarynboyjarGaelic2Register to vote
73Jaseboyderived from the name: Jason. Means: full of opportunity and a healerAmerican2Register to vote
74JasenboyGod savesHebrew2Register to vote
75JashanboyCelebrationHindu1Register to vote
76JasmineboyBasque, Greek, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Latin0Register to vote
77JasonboyGod is my Savior, healerHebrew8Register to vote
78Jasperboysemi-precious stoneEnglish15Register to vote
79JatinboysaintlyHindu1Register to vote
80Javanboyangel of GreeceLatin3Register to vote
81Javeonboy1Register to vote
82JaviarboyenlightenedSpanish2Register to vote
83JavierboyJanuary, enlightenedFrench3Register to vote
84JavinboyHindu0Register to vote
85Javiontaeboytwo names put together American, English0Register to vote
86Jaxboythe light from a fire; a protectorAnglo-Saxon3Register to vote
87JaxenboyGod has been gracious11Register to vote
88Jaxonboy6Register to vote
89JaxtonboyForm of JackAmerican1Register to vote
90Jayboy3Register to vote
91JayanshboyHindu1Register to vote
92Jayantboyvictorious, a RudraHindu1Register to vote
93JayceboyAmerican4Register to vote
94JaycobboyAmerican2Register to vote
95JaydenboyGod has heardAmerican43Register to vote
96Jayganboy-1Register to vote
97JaylenboyHawaiian6Register to vote
98JaylonboyAmerican1Register to vote
99JaymieboyCeltic0Register to vote
100JaysonboyGod saves; variant of JasonHebrew3Register to vote
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