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51LawlerboysoftspokenGaelic1Register to vote
52LawlietboyWise, intelligentEnglish0Register to vote
53Lawrenceboylaurel crownLatin2Register to vote
54LawrenzoboyAmerican1Register to vote
55Lawsonboyson of LawrenceEnglish1Register to vote
56Layneboy3Register to vote
57LaythboylionTurkish0Register to vote
58LaytonboyAmerican1Register to vote
59LazarusboyGod's helpHebrew0Register to vote
60Leanderboylion manGreek0Register to vote
61Learboyof the meadowGerman1Register to vote
62Lebeauboy0Register to vote
63Lebronboy0Register to vote
64Leeboyglade; poet; plumEnglish2Register to vote
65Leechboy0Register to vote
66leederboyGaelic0Register to vote
67LeenusboyAmerican0Register to vote
68Lefouboy0Register to vote
69LegendboyAmerican3Register to vote
70Leghacyboyvariant of LegacyAfrican, American0Register to vote
71Legolasboy1Register to vote
72LehelboybreathesHungarian0Register to vote
73LeifboybelovedNorse3Register to vote
74Leightonboyresidence nameEnglish2Register to vote
75LeilandboyEnglish, Irish0Register to vote
76Leilaniboyheavenly flower, heavenly childHawaiian1Register to vote
77Leithboywide riverScottish0Register to vote
78LekaboyRich0Register to vote
79LélboybuglerHungarian0Register to vote
80Lelandboyfrom the meadow landEnglish6Register to vote
81Lemuelboydevoted to God, beloging to GodHebrew1Register to vote
82Lenboyflute, with a lion's hartHopi Indian, Scandinavian1Register to vote
83Lennonboycloak, little capeGaelic5Register to vote
84Lennoxboyamid the lems, from the field of elm treesScottish3Register to vote
85Lensarboywith his parentsEnglish0Register to vote
86LentukboyMeans Deer Native-American0Register to vote
87LeoboyGerman22Register to vote
88LeonboyGerman3Register to vote
89Leonardboylion-heartedGerman3Register to vote
90Leonardoboy2Register to vote
91Leonatoboy0Register to vote
92Leonidasboyone who is bold as a lionGreek0Register to vote
93Leopoldboybold leaderGerman0Register to vote
94Leronboythe song is mineArabic1Register to vote
95Leroyboythe kingFrench4Register to vote
96Leshemboyprecious stoneHebrew0Register to vote
97Leslieboy2Register to vote
98LestaboyRussian1Register to vote
99Lesterboylegion campLatin1Register to vote
100Levboy3Register to vote
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