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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Liamboyunwavering protectorIrish55Register to vote
2Loganboylittle hollowScottish41Register to vote
3LucasboyluminousLatin34Register to vote
4Landonboylong hillEnglish24Register to vote
5LeoboyGerman22Register to vote
6LeviboyunitedHebrew17Register to vote
7Lincolnboyhome by the pondEnglish13Register to vote
8LukeboyluminousLatin12Register to vote
9Lelandboyfrom the meadow landEnglish6Register to vote
10Londonboyfierce ruler of the worldEnglish6Register to vote
11Laneboynarrow roadEnglish6Register to vote
12Lennonboycloak, little capeGaelic5Register to vote
13LewisboywarriorGerman5Register to vote
14LakeboyAmerican5Register to vote
15Laurenceboybay or laurel treeLatin4Register to vote
16Leroyboythe kingFrench4Register to vote
17Lanceboyknight's attendant; landFrench, German4Register to vote
18Lennoxboyamid the lems, from the field of elm treesScottish3Register to vote
19LabelboylionHebrew3Register to vote
20LuciusboylightLatin3Register to vote
21Layneboy3Register to vote
22Lorenzoboyvariant of Lawrence3Register to vote
23LeifboybelovedNorse3Register to vote
24LegendboyAmerican3Register to vote
25LeonboyGerman3Register to vote
26Leonardboylion-heartedGerman3Register to vote
27LamarboylandGerman3Register to vote
28Lewisboy3Register to vote
29LaithboylionArabic3Register to vote
30Levboy3Register to vote
31LabanboywhiteHebrew3Register to vote
32LakotaboyfriendNative-American3Register to vote
33Launceboy2Register to vote
34LachlanboyScottish2Register to vote
35LadomérboytrapperHungarian2Register to vote
36Leeboyglade; poet; plumEnglish2Register to vote
37Leonardoboy2Register to vote
38Lairdboylord, landed gentryScottish2Register to vote
39Louisboyfamed warriorGerman2Register to vote
40Lawrenceboylaurel crownLatin2Register to vote
41Lakenboy2Register to vote
42LatimerboyinterpreterEnglish2Register to vote
43Loudenboy2Register to vote
44Larryboy2Register to vote
45Leightonboyresidence nameEnglish2Register to vote
46LathanboyAmerican, Anglo-Saxon2Register to vote
47Lionelboyyoung lionFrench2Register to vote
48Lambertboyland brightTeutonic2Register to vote
49LavicboyHindu, Spanish2Register to vote
50Lykaiosboywolfish, of a wolf, wolf-likeGreek2Register to vote
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