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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
151Lucienboy0Register to vote
152Luciferboy0Register to vote
153Luciliusboy0Register to vote
154Lucioboy0Register to vote
155LuciusboylightLatin3Register to vote
156Ludoboy0Register to vote
157Ludwigboy0Register to vote
158Luisboy1Register to vote
159Lukasboy1Register to vote
160LukeboyluminousLatin12Register to vote
161Lukyboy0Register to vote
162Lumiereboy0Register to vote
163Luntboyfrom the groveScandinavian0Register to vote
164Lupinboy0Register to vote
165Lusk boyEnglish0Register to vote
166LutherboywarriorGerman0Register to vote
167Lykaiosboywolfish, of a wolf, wolf-likeGreek2Register to vote
168LyleboyislandFrench1Register to vote
169Lyle TuckerboyIslandFrench1Register to vote
170Lymanboyfrom the meadowEnglish0Register to vote
171Lynboy1Register to vote
172Lyndonboylinden treeEnglish1Register to vote
173Lynnboy0Register to vote
174Lyreboya fork from river or glenEnglish0Register to vote
175Lyricboy0Register to vote
176Lysanderboyliberator, emancipationGreek0Register to vote
177Lysandraboyliberator, emancipationGreek0Register to vote
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