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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
101LeventboyTurkish0Register to vote
102Levesterboyvery importantAmerican0Register to vote
103LeviboyunitedHebrew17Register to vote
104LewboyrefugeEnglish0Register to vote
105Lewisboy3Register to vote
106LewisboywarriorGerman5Register to vote
107Lexingtonboy0Register to vote
108LeylandboyStrongEnglish0Register to vote
109LiboystrengthChinese1Register to vote
110Liamboyunwavering protectorIrish55Register to vote
111Lidjonboy.Arabic0Register to vote
112Lincolnboyhome by the pondEnglish13Register to vote
113Lindboylinden treeEnglish0Register to vote
114Lindseyboy0Register to vote
115Linusboyflaxen-hairedFrench1Register to vote
116Linwoodboystream forestEnglish0Register to vote
117Lionelboyyoung lionFrench2Register to vote
118LipótboybraveHungarian0Register to vote
119LironboyMy songHebrew0Register to vote
120Lisleboy0Register to vote
121Littonboyhillside townEnglish0Register to vote
122LlewellynboyrulingEnglish0Register to vote
123Lloydboygray-hairedWelsh0Register to vote
124Lodovicoboy0Register to vote
125Loewyboy0Register to vote
126Loganboylittle hollowScottish41Register to vote
127LogynboySpanish0Register to vote
128LokeshboyHindu0Register to vote
129Lokhinboysuccess0Register to vote
130Lokiboy1Register to vote
131Lombardboylong beardTeutonic1Register to vote
132LonboyfierceGaelic0Register to vote
133Londonboyfierce ruler of the worldEnglish6Register to vote
134Lorándboybrave warriorHungarian0Register to vote
135Lorcanboy0Register to vote
136LorenboyEnglish - modern variant of Lorenzo or Lawrence. Also spelled "Lorin." English0Register to vote
137Lorencioboy0Register to vote
138Lorenzoboyvariant of Lawrence3Register to vote
139LõrincboyLaurentianHungarian0Register to vote
140Loringboyfamous in warGerman0Register to vote
141Lorneboyof LorneCeltic0Register to vote
142LotboyveiledHebrew0Register to vote
143Loudenboy2Register to vote
144Louisboyfamed warriorGerman2Register to vote
145LowellboybelovedEnglish0Register to vote
146LoxleyboyAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
147LucasboyluminousLatin34Register to vote
148Luceboy0Register to vote
149Lucentioboy1Register to vote
150LucianeboygodlyGaelic0Register to vote
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