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51OrbyboyEnglish village in LincolnshireEnglish0Register to vote
52Oreliousboy0Register to vote
53Orenboyash-tree, pale; pine treeHebrew, Gaelic0Register to vote
54Orionboydawn, east; son of fire, the hunterLatin4Register to vote
55Orkényboyfrightening manHungarian2Register to vote
56Orlandboy0Register to vote
57Orlandoboybright sunLatin4Register to vote
58OrlinboyNamed after Odin the viking god.Irish, Scandinavian0Register to vote
59OrmanboyspearmanEnglish0Register to vote
60OrmixboyAngelic hero, winged knight0Register to vote
61Ormosboylike a cliffHungarian0Register to vote
62OrrinboymountainGreek0Register to vote
63Orsboyman, heroHungarian0Register to vote
64Orsinoboy0Register to vote
65Orsonboyspearman's son; bearEnglish1Register to vote
66OrtonboywealthyTeutonic0Register to vote
67OrvileboyFun, happy oneAmerican, Polish, Scottish0Register to vote
68Orvilleboyfrom the golden villageFrench0Register to vote
69Orvinboyboar friendAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
70Osazeboyfavoured by GodHebrew0Register to vote
71Osbertboyinspired, divineEnglish0Register to vote
72Osbornboysoldier of GodEnglish0Register to vote
73Osborneboysoldier of GodHebrew0Register to vote
74Oscarboydivine spearNorse1Register to vote
75Osgoodboydivine creatorTeutonic1Register to vote
76OshayboyBig, StrongAmerican0Register to vote
77Osherboyhapiness, great fortune, great treasureHebrew0Register to vote
78OsirisboyGreek0Register to vote
79OsmondboyGod protectorEnglish0Register to vote
80Osricboy0Register to vote
81OssianboyfawnLatin0Register to vote
82Oswaldboydivinely powerfulEnglish0Register to vote
83OswinboyGod friendEnglish0Register to vote
84OszlárboyHungarian0Register to vote
85Othelloboy0Register to vote
86Otisboyacute; wealthyGreek, German0Register to vote
87OttoboyprosperousTeutonic6Register to vote
88OttomarboyForm of Otto, Left handed, fun onePolish0Register to vote
89Oveboyawe, the spear's pointNorse0Register to vote
90OvidboylambLatin0Register to vote
91Owenboywarrior; well bornWelsh, Greek19Register to vote
92Oxfordboyfrom where the oxen fordEnglish1Register to vote
93OzboystrengthHebrew0Register to vote
94OzanboyTurkish0Register to vote
95OzanerboyTurkish0Register to vote
96OziahsboyGod is my strength Hebrew0Register to vote
97Ozorboyname of an ethnic groupHungarian0Register to vote
98OzsébboypiousHungarian0Register to vote
99Ozsvátboydeity, mightHungarian0Register to vote
100Ozzieboy1Register to vote
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