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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Ollieboy3Register to vote
2Onoboy0Register to vote
3Ozzieboy1Register to vote
4Onusboy0Register to vote
5Oreliousboy0Register to vote
6OrmixboyAngelic hero, winged knight0Register to vote
7Olierboy0Register to vote
8O'Sullivanboy1Register to vote
9Othelloboy0Register to vote
10Orlandboy0Register to vote
11Osricboy0Register to vote
12Octovioboy0Register to vote
13Ollivanderboy0Register to vote
14Orsinoboy0Register to vote
15Oceanboy120Register to vote
16Oberonboy0Register to vote
17OghenekparoborboyThe Lord has won the battleAfrican0Register to vote
18Obiajuluboythe heart is consoledAfrican1Register to vote
19OghenesasomomaboyThe Lord has made me glad.African0Register to vote
20OnyebuchiboyNo body is GodAfrican0Register to vote
21OlisakweboyGod willingAfrican0Register to vote
22OshayboyBig, StrongAmerican0Register to vote
23OctoberboyAmerican, English1Register to vote
24OrvileboyFun, happy oneAmerican, Polish, Scottish0Register to vote
25Orvinboyboar friendAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
26Omarboyfirst son, disciple; gifted speaker; famousArabic, Hebrew, German0Register to vote
27Oldrichboyone with riches and powerCzech0Register to vote
28Orsonboyspearman's son; bearEnglish1Register to vote
29OswinboyGod friendEnglish0Register to vote
30OrmanboyspearmanEnglish0Register to vote
31Osbertboyinspired, divineEnglish0Register to vote
32OlinboyhollyEnglish0Register to vote
33Oakleyboyfrom the oak meadowEnglish4Register to vote
34Oswaldboydivinely powerfulEnglish0Register to vote
35Oxfordboyfrom where the oxen fordEnglish1Register to vote
36Ogdenboyfrom the oak valleyEnglish0Register to vote
37Osbornboysoldier of GodEnglish0Register to vote
38OsmondboyGod protectorEnglish0Register to vote
39Oakesboyfrom the oak-tree groveEnglish1Register to vote
40OrbyboyEnglish village in LincolnshireEnglish0Register to vote
41Orvilleboyfrom the golden villageFrench0Register to vote
42OdilboyrichFrench0Register to vote
43Oranboypale one; pineGaelic, Hebrew0Register to vote
44Odellboylittle wealthy one; ode; otterGerman, Greek, Danish0Register to vote
45Odysseusboyfull of wrathGreek0Register to vote
46OsirisboyGreek0Register to vote
47Obelixboypillar of strengthGreek1Register to vote
48OrrinboymountainGreek0Register to vote
49Otisboyacute; wealthyGreek, German0Register to vote
50OzboystrengthHebrew0Register to vote
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