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1Odonboywealthy protectorHungarian132Register to vote
2Oceanboy120Register to vote
3Obadiahboyservant of GodHebrew38Register to vote
4Oliverboykind one; olive tree, peaceNorse, Latin, French38Register to vote
5OmpolyboyAmpleumianHungarian26Register to vote
6Owenboywarrior; well bornWelsh, Greek19Register to vote
7OttoboyprosperousTeutonic6Register to vote
8Oakleyboyfrom the oak meadowEnglish4Register to vote
9Orlandoboybright sunLatin4Register to vote
10Orionboydawn, east; son of fire, the hunterLatin4Register to vote
11Odinboyhead God in NorseNorse4Register to vote
12Ollieboy3Register to vote
13Olegboyone who is holySlavic2Register to vote
14Orkényboyfrightening manHungarian2Register to vote
15Oakesboyfrom the oak-tree groveEnglish1Register to vote
16Osgoodboydivine creatorTeutonic1Register to vote
17Oxfordboyfrom where the oxen fordEnglish1Register to vote
18OctoberboyAmerican, English1Register to vote
19Ozzieboy1Register to vote
20Octaviusboyeighth childLatin1Register to vote
21O'Sullivanboy1Register to vote
22Oleosboyholy oil used in churchSpanish1Register to vote
23Oscarboydivine spearNorse1Register to vote
24Obiajuluboythe heart is consoledAfrican1Register to vote
25Obelixboypillar of strengthGreek1Register to vote
26OguzboyarrowHungarian1Register to vote
27Orsonboyspearman's son; bearEnglish1Register to vote
28Oberonboy0Register to vote
29Omarboyfirst son, disciple; gifted speaker; famousArabic, Hebrew, German0Register to vote
30Oreliousboy0Register to vote
31Orbánboycitydweller, educated manHungarian0Register to vote
32Orlandboy0Register to vote
33OrmanboyspearmanEnglish0Register to vote
34Ormosboylike a cliffHungarian0Register to vote
35Oranboypale one; pineGaelic, Hebrew0Register to vote
36Onusboy0Register to vote
37OrrinboymountainGreek0Register to vote
38OnurboyTurkish0Register to vote
39Ochenboyone of the twinsUgandan0Register to vote
40OrbyboyEnglish village in LincolnshireEnglish0Register to vote
41Octovioboy0Register to vote
42Olierboy0Register to vote
43Oldrichboyone with riches and powerCzech0Register to vote
44OlcayboyTurkish0Register to vote
45Olafboytalisman, ancestorNorse0Register to vote
46Oddvarboythe spear's pointNorse0Register to vote
47Ogilvyboyfrom the high peakScottish0Register to vote
48Ogdenboyfrom the oak valleyEnglish0Register to vote
49Odysseusboyfull of wrathGreek0Register to vote
50Odellboylittle wealthy one; ode; otterGerman, Greek, Danish0Register to vote
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