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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Vincentioboy0Register to vote
2Vindictusboy0Register to vote
3Vihoboy0Register to vote
4Vitaniboy1Register to vote
5Voldemortboy1Register to vote
6Viktorboy1Register to vote
7Vinceboy2Register to vote
8Vahagnboy0Register to vote
9Villiersboy0Register to vote
10Vijayboy0Register to vote
11Vladboy1Register to vote
12Vergesboy0Register to vote
13Valeroboy1Register to vote
14Vicboy0Register to vote
15Vintonboy0Register to vote
16Volkovboy0Register to vote
17Venecboy0Register to vote
18Vencentioboy0Register to vote
19Vougayboy0Register to vote
20Vulchenovboy0Register to vote
21Viauboy0Register to vote
22Vincenzoboy1Register to vote
23Visantboy0Register to vote
24Ventureboyan explorer childAmerican0Register to vote
25VyletaboyAmerican, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Czech, English, French, Gaelic, German, Hebrew, Irish, Latin, Norse, Scandinavian0Register to vote
26VaheboyvictorArmenian0Register to vote
27Vartanboyrose giverArmenian0Register to vote
28VilaneboyBasque0Register to vote
29VeasnaboyluckyCambodian0Register to vote
30Vaughanboylittle, smallCeltic0Register to vote
31Varneyboyresidence nameCeltic0Register to vote
32Vaclavboywreath of gloryCzech0Register to vote
33VavrinboylaurelCzech1Register to vote
34VavrinecboyLawrenceCzech0Register to vote
35Vandykeboyresidence nameDutch1Register to vote
36Vanboyfrom, ofDutch26Register to vote
37Vanderboyfrom the surname Van Der - meaning "of the"Dutch2Register to vote
38VitusboyEnglish0Register to vote
39Vianboyfull of lifeEnglish0Register to vote
40Vanceboydweller at the windmillEnglish3Register to vote
41VayneboyGlad or belonging toEnglish, German0Register to vote
42Viljoboyform of WilliamFinnish1Register to vote
43VarocherboyFrench0Register to vote
44Vachelboycow tenderFrench2Register to vote
45Vardonboygreen knollFrench0Register to vote
46Vardenboyfrom the green hillFrench1Register to vote
47Vallisboyfrom WalesFrench0Register to vote
48Valerayboyvalor, strongFrench0Register to vote
49VereboyFrench0Register to vote
50Verneyboyalder groveFrench0Register to vote
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