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1Vanboyfrom, ofDutch26Register to vote
2Valfridboystrong peaceSwedish20Register to vote
3VincentboyconqueringLatin15Register to vote
4VictorboyvictorLatin6Register to vote
5VadinboyspeakerHindu5Register to vote
6Valdisboyspirited in battleTeutonic4Register to vote
7Vanceboydweller at the windmillEnglish3Register to vote
8Vachelboycow tenderFrench2Register to vote
9Valentinboygood healthLatin2Register to vote
10Varickboyprotecting rulerGerman2Register to vote
11Vidalboyform of VitasSpanish2Register to vote
12Vladimirboyto rule with peace, regalSlavic2Register to vote
13Vanderboyfrom the surname Van Der - meaning "of the"Dutch2Register to vote
14Vinceboy2Register to vote
15VitalyboyRussian2Register to vote
16Vincenzoboy1Register to vote
17VoteporixboyLatin1Register to vote
18Viljoboyform of WilliamFinnish1Register to vote
19VikasboyprogressHindu1Register to vote
20Viktorboy1Register to vote
21VipulboyHindu1Register to vote
22Vardenboyfrom the green hillFrench1Register to vote
23Vidarboytree warriorNorwegian1Register to vote
24VolkerboyGerman1Register to vote
25Voldemortboy1Register to vote
26Vitaniboy1Register to vote
27VavrinboylaurelCzech1Register to vote
28Valdemarboyfamous rulerSwedish1Register to vote
29VirgilboyLatin1Register to vote
30Vandykeboyresidence nameDutch1Register to vote
31Vladboy1Register to vote
32Valterboyform of WalterSwedish1Register to vote
33Villeboyform of WilliamSwedish1Register to vote
34Valinboyform of BalinHindu1Register to vote
35Vedaboyeternal knowledgeSanskrit1Register to vote
36Valeroboy1Register to vote
37ValentineboystrongLatin1Register to vote
38VarianboyfickleLatin0Register to vote
39VázsonyboyHungarian0Register to vote
40VyletaboyAmerican, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Czech, English, French, Gaelic, German, Hebrew, Irish, Latin, Norse, Scandinavian0Register to vote
41Varneyboyresidence nameCeltic0Register to vote
42Várkonyboyname of an Avar ethnic groupHungarian0Register to vote
43Variyaboyexcellent oneHindu0Register to vote
44Vardonboygreen knollFrench0Register to vote
45Vaninadhboyhusband of Saraswati (the goddess of knowledge)Hindu0Register to vote
46Valerayboyvalor, strongFrench0Register to vote
47ValboystrongLatin0Register to vote
48Vairajaboyson of ViratHindu0Register to vote
49VaibhavboyHindu0Register to vote
50VaheboyvictorArmenian0Register to vote
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