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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Zaggerboy0Register to vote
2Zalmanboypeaceful and quiet0Register to vote
3Zaheedboy1Register to vote
4Zekerijahboystrong, independent1Register to vote
5ZarionboyAngel of God1Register to vote
6zarielboy1Register to vote
7ZeldaboyFunny, honest, well-liked, strong, smart2Register to vote
8Zarrienboy0Register to vote
9Zenitboyzenith0Register to vote
10Zakariahboy2Register to vote
11Zebboy2Register to vote
12Zemoboy0Register to vote
13Zebedeoboy0Register to vote
14Zackboy10Register to vote
15Zoeboy0Register to vote
16Zambaboy0Register to vote
17Zachboy5Register to vote
18Zaylinboy0Register to vote
19Zeusboy0Register to vote
20Zabuboy0Register to vote
21ZalmaiboyyoungAfghani0Register to vote
22ZelgaiboyheartAfghani1Register to vote
23ZemarboylionAfghani1Register to vote
24ZyonboyAfrican1Register to vote
25ZabiaboyAfrican0Register to vote
26ZerekboyAfrican0Register to vote
27Zytaeviusboya wild childAfrican0Register to vote
28ZaylenboyAfrican2Register to vote
29ZarebboyprotectorAfrican1Register to vote
30Zaidboyincrease, growthAfrican1Register to vote
31ZaydonboyAfrican, Celtic, Dutch, English, German, Irish, Latin, Native-American3Register to vote
32Zadine A'moorboysweet handsomAfrican, Czech, English, Spanish2Register to vote
33ZaniboyAlbanian0Register to vote
34ZamarionboyAmerican0Register to vote
35ZaveryboyAmerican0Register to vote
36Zeshawnboyform of ShawnAmerican0Register to vote
37Zakharyboyvariation of ZacharyAmerican0Register to vote
38Zeronivboydestined for greatnessAmerican1Register to vote
39ZavianboyAmerican2Register to vote
40ZacariahboyAmerican3Register to vote
41Zylerboystrong, independent, and trustworthy American4Register to vote
42ZypherboyAmerican0Register to vote
43ZorillaboyAmerican0Register to vote
44ZealboyPassionateAmerican1Register to vote
45ZadenboyAmerican6Register to vote
46ZiyonboyAmerican1Register to vote
47ZakaryboyAmerican1Register to vote
48Zaidenboy American3Register to vote
49Zahidboyself-denyingArabic1Register to vote
50ZafirboyvictoriousArabic1Register to vote
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