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1ZaneboyGod's grace, sea-friendHebrew, English22Register to vote
2ZacharyboyGod remembers, renowned by GodHebrew12Register to vote
3Zionboya signHebrew11Register to vote
4ZaydenboyHebrew11Register to vote
5Zackboy10Register to vote
6Zanderboyform of AlexanderGreek9Register to vote
7Zachariahboyremembered by the LordHebrew9Register to vote
8ZadenboyAmerican6Register to vote
9Zachboy5Register to vote
10Zekeboythe memory of the lordArabic4Register to vote
11Zylerboystrong, independent, and trustworthy American4Register to vote
12Zarekboymay God protect the kingGreek4Register to vote
13Zaidenboy American3Register to vote
14Zaccheoboythe one God remembersHebrew3Register to vote
15ZaydonboyAfrican, Celtic, Dutch, English, German, Irish, Latin, Native-American3Register to vote
16ZebediahboyGod's giftHebrew3Register to vote
17ZacariahboyAmerican3Register to vote
18ZephyrboywindGreek2Register to vote
19ZoharboylightHebrew2Register to vote
20Zebboy2Register to vote
21ZavianboyAmerican2Register to vote
22ZenoaboyHebrew2Register to vote
23Zanielboyangel of mondaysLatin2Register to vote
24Zephanboytreasured by GodHebrew2Register to vote
25Zakariahboy2Register to vote
26Zadine A'moorboysweet handsomAfrican, Czech, English, Spanish2Register to vote
27ZamirboyHebrew2Register to vote
28ZeldaboyFunny, honest, well-liked, strong, smart2Register to vote
29ZakariyyaboyprophetArabic2Register to vote
30ZackaryboyRemembered by GodHebrew2Register to vote
31ZaylenboyAfrican2Register to vote
32Zahirboyshining, brightArabic2Register to vote
33Zoelloboyson of ZoeGreek2Register to vote
34Zerounboywise, respectedArmenian1Register to vote
35ZeemanboyseamanDutch1Register to vote
36Zedekiahboyjustice of the lordHebrew1Register to vote
37ZebulonboyhomeHebrew1Register to vote
38Zabulonboyto exhalt, honorHebrew1Register to vote
39Zivboyvery brightHebrew1Register to vote
40ZétényboyHungarian1Register to vote
41Zorroboygolden dawnSlavic1Register to vote
42ZazuboymovementHebrew1Register to vote
43ZafirboyvictoriousArabic1Register to vote
44Zaheedboy1Register to vote
45Zahidboyself-denyingArabic1Register to vote
46ZahinboyHindu1Register to vote
47ZosimoboylivelyGreek1Register to vote
48Zakiboybright, pureArabic1Register to vote
49ZoiloboylivelyGreek1Register to vote
50Zaleboysea-strengthGreek1Register to vote
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