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201Breezygirlfrom the IliadSpanish3Register to vote
202BrekkengirlFreckledAmerican0Register to vote
203Breleighgirl2Register to vote
204BrelianagirlAmerican0Register to vote
205Brelynngirlfrom Brianna and lynnAmerican2Register to vote
206Brendagirlfiery hill, sword-bladeEnglish4Register to vote
207BrenlynngirlEnglish1Register to vote
208Brennagirlraven maid, dark-hairedCeltic9Register to vote
209BrennangirlLittle Princess, Raven Haired1Register to vote
210Brettagirlfrom BritainCeltic1Register to vote
211BreylingirlAmerican1Register to vote
212Bri'AsiagirlBeautiful long hair hazel eyes African2Register to vote
213Briagirlvariant of BrianneEnglish4Register to vote
214BrianagirlstrongCeltic6Register to vote
215BrianahgirlAmerican0Register to vote
216BrianngirlSticks to there own beliefs!English2Register to vote
217Briannagirlstrong oneCeltic, Gaelic8Register to vote
218BriannegirlStrong and BeautifulGreek2Register to vote
219BriannygirlBeautyFrench1Register to vote
220BriargirlHeatherFrench5Register to vote
221Bricegirlswift, quick-movingCeltic0Register to vote
222Bridgetgirlresolute, strength, saint, strongCeltic, Irish7Register to vote
223BridgettegirlFrench15Register to vote
224Bridgittegirl1Register to vote
225Briegirlregion in FranceFrench1Register to vote
226Briellegirlexalted goddessFrench14Register to vote
227Brielyngirlcombination of Brie and Lyn Brie is a variation of Bree and means exalted one.Celtic, English, Gaelic, Scottish0Register to vote
228BriennagirlAmerican0Register to vote
229BriergirlheatherFrench4Register to vote
230BriettagirlstrongCeltic0Register to vote
231BrigettagirlstrongSwedish2Register to vote
232BrigettegirlstrongFrench2Register to vote
233Brigidinegirl0Register to vote
234BrigittagirlstrongCeltic1Register to vote
235Brigittegirlfrom the name BridgetFrench0Register to vote
236BrileygirlSteady, strongScottish3Register to vote
237BrilynngirlstrengthCeltic3Register to vote
238Bringirl0Register to vote
239BrinagirlprotectorCeltic1Register to vote
240BrinsleygirlAmerican1Register to vote
241BrionnegirlAmerican0Register to vote
242Brionygirlplant nameLatin1Register to vote
243BriseidagirlThe morning/sunrise breeze .Spanish2Register to vote
244BriseisgirlShe is the cousin to the Trojans Hector and Paris in Homer's "The Odyssey" and "The Illiad".Greek0Register to vote
245Brishagirl0Register to vote
246Brishellegirlborn during rain, female version of Brishen0Register to vote
247Bristolgirl0Register to vote
248BritgirlstrongIrish1Register to vote
249BritanniagirlgoodnessEnglish0Register to vote
250BritesgirlstrengthCeltic0Register to vote
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