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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
151Catarinagirl2Register to vote
152Catavagirlname from a proverbAfrican1Register to vote
153Caterinagirlpure1Register to vote
154CathaleagirlLoveAmerican, Latin0Register to vote
155Cathaleengirl1Register to vote
156CatherinegirlpureGreek28Register to vote
157Cathryngirl2Register to vote
158CathygirlpureGreek1Register to vote
159CatiegngirlCaleb and Tin with a twistAmerican0Register to vote
160catilyngirlGirl nameAnglo-Saxon1Register to vote
161CatygirlJoyful0Register to vote
162CauverygirlHindu1Register to vote
163CaydeegirlAmerican0Register to vote
164CaydincegirlAmerican2Register to vote
165CayleegirlAmerican6Register to vote
166CayleighgirlpartyGaelic7Register to vote
167CaytengirlAmerican0Register to vote
168CealeygirlprettyTeutonic1Register to vote
169CearagirlIrish1Register to vote
170CeauxlbiegirlFrench2Register to vote
171CecaniagirlfreeGerman1Register to vote
172CeCegirl1Register to vote
173Ceceliagirl 1Register to vote
174Ceciagirl1Register to vote
175Cecilegirl1Register to vote
176CeciliagirlblindLatin7Register to vote
177Celandiagirlthe swallowGreek1Register to vote
178CelestegirlheavenlyLatin19Register to vote
179Celestinagirl1Register to vote
180Celiagirl4Register to vote
181Celinagirlcomes from Selene the goddess of the moonGreek0Register to vote
182Celindagirl3Register to vote
183Celinegirl3Register to vote
184CelyngirlWelsh0Register to vote
185CerciagirlPriestess1Register to vote
186Cerdwingirlthe mother GoddessCeltic1Register to vote
187Cereliagirlof the springLatin1Register to vote
188Cerisegirl2Register to vote
189Cesiliagirlmeans blind and six.Latin0Register to vote
190CessilygirlBlind Of Self BeautyEnglish0Register to vote
191CetoriagirlLOYALTYGreek0Register to vote
192Chaiagirl1Register to vote
193Chailyngirl1Register to vote
194ChaitalygirlHindu1Register to vote
195ChaitragirlAries signHindu1Register to vote
196Chakagirl0Register to vote
197Chalisegirllight skin, tallAmerican1Register to vote
198ChaLycegirl0Register to vote
199Chamyrigirlambitious,smartAfrican1Register to vote
200ChanahgirlgraceHebrew3Register to vote
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