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101Carlagirlone who is strong, womanTeutonic4Register to vote
102CarleegirlDutch2Register to vote
103CarleighgirlfreeholderGerman5Register to vote
104CarlengirlwomanTeutonic2Register to vote
105Carligirlfun,creative,hyper,and prettyAmerican, English0Register to vote
106Carlinagirl1Register to vote
107Carlinggirlhill where old women or witches gatherEnglish1Register to vote
108Carlottagirlform of CharlotteItalian2Register to vote
109Carlygirllittle, womanlyLatin20Register to vote
110CarlyanngirlBeautiful, wise, and talented American0Register to vote
111Carlylegirl1Register to vote
112CarlyngirlA variation of Carolyn or Carly.American0Register to vote
113CarmelgirlwoodlandHebrew3Register to vote
114Carmengirlgarden, field of fruit, songHebrew, Latin9Register to vote
115Carmenegirl1Register to vote
116CarmitagirlSpanish0Register to vote
117CarmynegirlAmerican, Irish0Register to vote
118CarnagirlhornArabic2Register to vote
119Carneliangirla red gemLatin1Register to vote
120Carniegirl3Register to vote
121Carolgirl5Register to vote
122Caroleinegirl0Register to vote
123Carolinegirlstrong, melody, song, song of joyGerman, French37Register to vote
124Carolyngirl4Register to vote
125CarongirlpureFrench1Register to vote
126Carriegirlsong of joyFrench6Register to vote
127CarrigangirlGaelic4Register to vote
128CarringtongirlbeautifulEnglish3Register to vote
129Carstongirl2Register to vote
130Carygirlhonest one, shyCeltic2Register to vote
131Caryngirlvariation of Karen African1Register to vote
132Carysgirl3Register to vote
133CascadiagirlGreek2Register to vote
134Caseygirlbrave, watchfulCeltic, Gaelic13Register to vote
135Casideygirl4Register to vote
136CasidygirlAmerican7Register to vote
137Casildagirlof the homeLatin1Register to vote
138CaslynngirlEnglish2Register to vote
139CassalyngirlThoughtful, lovingAmerican1Register to vote
140Cassandragirlprophet of doomGreek15Register to vote
141CassiagirlchampionGreek3Register to vote
142CassiannagirlAmerican0Register to vote
143CassidagirlAfrican0Register to vote
144Cassidygirl14Register to vote
145Cassiegirl4Register to vote
146Cassielgirlangel of Saturday, the earthy motherLatin1Register to vote
147CastagirlpurityGreek1Register to vote
148Castaliagirlwife of king DelphosGreek1Register to vote
149Cataleyagirllove powerful joy happyLatin2Register to vote
150Catalinagirla short spansh name goes great with gemels like CarolinaSpanish4Register to vote
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