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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Cabegirl4Register to vote
2CadancegirlAmerican3Register to vote
3Cadencegirlmelodious, to fallLatin15Register to vote
4Cadriangirl2Register to vote
5Caeleegirlcame from the name Katherine American0Register to vote
6CaeliegirlpartyGaelic5Register to vote
7CaelyngirlVietnamese3Register to vote
8Cahillgirl1Register to vote
9Caileygirl3Register to vote
10Caimilegirlname from a proverbAfrican1Register to vote
11CairigirlYearning; One love; loyalJapanese1Register to vote
12CairnaghngirlA marker for others to followIrish4Register to vote
13Cairogirlcapitol of EgyptGreek0Register to vote
14Caitiongirl0Register to vote
15CaitlingirlpureCeltic, Welsh6Register to vote
16CaitlinhgirlPrincess1Register to vote
17Caitlyngirl12Register to vote
18CalagirlcastleArabic2Register to vote
19CalandragirllarkGreek5Register to vote
20Calanthagirlbeautiful blossomsGreek3Register to vote
21Calegirl2Register to vote
22Calebgirlbold, dogHebrew7Register to vote
23Caledoniagirlfrom ScotlandLatin4Register to vote
24CalendregirlGreek2Register to vote
25CaleygirlslenderGaelic9Register to vote
26Caligirl6Register to vote
27CaliagirlbeautifulGreek2Register to vote
28Calicogirl3Register to vote
29Calidagirlardent, warm and lovingLatin3Register to vote
30Caliecegirl1Register to vote
31CalinagirlBeautiful flowerPolish4Register to vote
32CalipsagirlVariation of CalypsoGreek2Register to vote
33CalisagirlAmerican2Register to vote
34Calisegirl2Register to vote
35Calistagirlmost beautifulGreek14Register to vote
36Callagirl3Register to vote
37CallangirlchatterGerman4Register to vote
38CallawaygirlAmerican, Welsh4Register to vote
39Calleighgirl3Register to vote
40CalliagirlbeautifulGreek4Register to vote
41Callidoragirlgift of beautyGreek5Register to vote
42Calliegirl11Register to vote
43Calliopegirlbeautiful voiceGreek7Register to vote
44Callispogirl3Register to vote
45Calthagirlyellow flowerLatin1Register to vote
46Calypsogirlone who concealsGreek8Register to vote
47Camgirlorange fruit, sweet, beloved, referring to the sunVietnamese, English4Register to vote
48CambergirlAmerican2Register to vote
49CambreegirlPronounced CAM-BREE3Register to vote
50Cambriegirl7Register to vote
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