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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Ja'keeviagirlAmerican4Register to vote
2JaanagirlScandinavian3Register to vote
3Jaanishagirlgolden girlHindu2Register to vote
4Jacelyngirlderivitive of Jaclyn/Jocelyn13Register to vote
5Jaceygirl12Register to vote
6JaciegirlBringer of light.7Register to vote
7JacindagirlbeautifulGreek3Register to vote
8JacintagirllovelyGreek3Register to vote
9JacinthegirlhyacinthGreek1Register to vote
10Jackiegirl7Register to vote
11Jaclyngirl5Register to vote
12JacobagirlSupplanter; held by the heel. Pronouncation: yah-co-bah, jay-co-bah, hah-co-bah, zha-ko-bahAfrican, English1Register to vote
13JacquelinegirlsupplanterHebrew10Register to vote
14Jacquigirl3Register to vote
15JacygirlAmerican1Register to vote
16JadagirlwiseHebrew9Register to vote
17JadagirlAfrican8Register to vote
18JadalisgirlLatin, Spanish4Register to vote
19JadaziagirlBeautiful oneAmerican, Native-American1Register to vote
20Jadegirlgreen gemstoneHebrew26Register to vote
21Jadengirl5Register to vote
22Jadoriegirl2Register to vote
23JadyngirlAmerican10Register to vote
24Jadynngirl5Register to vote
25Jadziahgirl2Register to vote
26JaeCiagirl(jay-cee-ahh)loved one American3Register to vote
27JaedengirlAmerican1Register to vote
28JaedynngirlEnglish, Welsh1Register to vote
29Jaelgirlto ascendHebrew2Register to vote
30JaelenegirlScottish3Register to vote
31JaelianagirlPronounced: Jay-Lee-Ana4Register to vote
32Jaellegirl2Register to vote
33JaelyngirlLatin5Register to vote
34JaengirlostrichHebrew1Register to vote
35JagratigirlHindu1Register to vote
36Jahairagirlvariation of YahairaArabic3Register to vote
37JaharagirlBeautiful, lovelyAfrican3Register to vote
38JahnavigirlHindu2Register to vote
39Jaiannahgirlbeautiful child of godAmerican, English4Register to vote
40JaiceegirlAmerican3Register to vote
41JaidagirlAmerican2Register to vote
42Jaidahgirl2Register to vote
43JaidengirlStrong, powerfulAmerican6Register to vote
44jaidyngirldifferent spelling of jayden4Register to vote
45Jailynngirl3Register to vote
46Jaimegirl5Register to vote
47JaimicagirlsupplanterSpanish6Register to vote
48JaimiegirlI loveFrench6Register to vote
49Jainagirlgood characterHindu2Register to vote
50JaionegirlnativityBasque2Register to vote
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