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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
151jaylyngirlA confident nice young girlAmerican, English0Register to vote
152Jaymagirl9Register to vote
153Jaymegirlone who replacesAmerican0Register to vote
154Jaynagirl2Register to vote
155JaynegirlvictoriousHindu0Register to vote
156Jayongirla gift from GodAfrican0Register to vote
157JaythengirlSwedish1Register to vote
158JayvionnagirlAmerican0Register to vote
159Jayyleengirl.American0Register to vote
160jazabellgirlsweetIrish1Register to vote
161Jazelgirli want to know if you like this name American1Register to vote
162JazleegirlPronounced (Jazz-Lee)American, Latin0Register to vote
163JazlenegirlSpanish1Register to vote
164JazlingirlCanadian; One of fine character, a natural born leader.American0Register to vote
165Jazlyngirlvariant of JasmineArabic7Register to vote
166JazmarigirlSpanish2Register to vote
167Jazminegirlvariation of Jasmine; a flowerAmerican1Register to vote
168JazmynegirlFlower1Register to vote
169Jazzgirlmusical; sound; peace; American, Czech1Register to vote
170JazzmariegirlAmerican0Register to vote
171Jazzygirlvariant of Jasmine1Register to vote
172Jeangirl2Register to vote
173JeaneasegirlAmerican, English0Register to vote
174Jeanellegirlvariant of Jean0Register to vote
175Jeaninegirl1Register to vote
176JeannagirlGod is gracious, variant of Jean0Register to vote
177Jeannegirlform of JoanFrench1Register to vote
178Jeannettegirlgod is graciousFrench3Register to vote
179JeannizegirlEnglish0Register to vote
180JecelyngirlArabic, Latin0Register to vote
181Jeffiegirl5Register to vote
182Jehangirlbeautiful flowerArabic1Register to vote
183Jelaniegirl1Register to vote
184Jeleahgirlbeautiful (Jalayah)American0Register to vote
185Jelenagirlshining lightRussian2Register to vote
186Jelynngirl1Register to vote
187Jemiahgirlself-assurance, independence, and confidenceHebrew0Register to vote
188Jemimagirldove1Register to vote
189Jemmagirl2Register to vote
190JemrianagirlAmerican0Register to vote
191Jengirl0Register to vote
192Jenagirl0Register to vote
193Jenabella girlAmerican1Register to vote
194JenaegirlVariant of JanaeAmerican0Register to vote
195Jenaragirl0Register to vote
196JenaviciagirlLoveEnglish1Register to vote
197Jenaygirlname of a plantFrench1Register to vote
198Jendayigirlgive thanksAfrican1Register to vote
199Jendyosegirlhave done good to produce a childUgandan1Register to vote
200Jenellgirlknowledge, understanding, kindnessGerman1Register to vote
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