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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Jennagirl183Register to vote
2JessicagirlGod's grace, woman of wealthGod's grace, woman of wealth27Register to vote
3Jadegirlgreen gemstoneHebrew26Register to vote
4Janegirlgracious, merciful, God is graciousHebrew23Register to vote
5Jennaveciagirl14Register to vote
6Juliagirlsofthaired, youthful, downy-haired, gentle, youthfulLatin14Register to vote
7Jacelyngirlderivitive of Jaclyn/Jocelyn13Register to vote
8Jaceygirl12Register to vote
9Jordyngirl12Register to vote
10Jasminegirljasmine flower, gift from GodPersian11Register to vote
11Jennifergirlwhite wave, white spirit, white cheekedWelsh11Register to vote
12JadyngirlAmerican10Register to vote
13Joeylynngirl10Register to vote
14JacquelinegirlsupplanterHebrew10Register to vote
15Jaymagirl9Register to vote
16JadagirlwiseHebrew9Register to vote
17Joliegirlpretty, merryFrench8Register to vote
18JadagirlAfrican8Register to vote
19JourneygirlAmerican8Register to vote
20JaciegirlBringer of light.7Register to vote
21Jackiegirl7Register to vote
22Jazlyngirlvariant of JasmineArabic7Register to vote
23Joshalyngirl7Register to vote
24JoslyngirlHappy, JoyfullAmerican6Register to vote
25JaimicagirlsupplanterSpanish6Register to vote
26Janessagirlinspired by HadassaAmerican6Register to vote
27Junegirlname of a monthLatin6Register to vote
28JaidengirlStrong, powerfulAmerican6Register to vote
29JaimiegirlI loveFrench6Register to vote
30Jorjagirl5Register to vote
31Jeffiegirl5Register to vote
32JoygirljoyEnglish5Register to vote
33Julietgirlform of Julia, little5Register to vote
34Jaimegirl5Register to vote
35Jewellgirl5Register to vote
36JohannagirlGod's gracious giftHebrew5Register to vote
37Jaclyngirl5Register to vote
38Juliegirlform of Julia5Register to vote
39Jadynngirl5Register to vote
40JaelyngirlLatin5Register to vote
41JulianagirlyouthfulLatin5Register to vote
42Jadengirl5Register to vote
43JamiegirlFeminine of JamesEnglish5Register to vote
44josiegirlAmerican5Register to vote
45Jerricagirl4Register to vote
46JoycegirlrejoicingLatin4Register to vote
47jaidyngirldifferent spelling of jayden4Register to vote
48JoangirlGod's Gracious GiftHebrew4Register to vote
49Jilliangirlgirl, young childEnglish, Latin4Register to vote
50Joannagirl4Register to vote
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