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51JairrengirlSounds like "Karen" with a "J"German1Register to vote
52JaitavigirlHindu1Register to vote
53JakindagirlhyacinthBasque2Register to vote
54JalagirlcharityArabic1Register to vote
55JalayahgirlBeautifulAmerican2Register to vote
56JaleahgirlHonest, Brilliant, Inventive3Register to vote
57Jaleengirl1Register to vote
58Jaleesagirllovely lierAfrican1Register to vote
59Jalisagirl1Register to vote
60Jalisegirl2Register to vote
61Jalissagirl2Register to vote
62JalonygirlPronounced Jalonnie1Register to vote
63Jalynngirl1Register to vote
64Jalyssegirl1Register to vote
65JamachiagirlUniqueAfrican, American1Register to vote
66JamarigirlwarriorFrench1Register to vote
67JamauniquegirlAmerican1Register to vote
68Jameegirlone who replacesHebrew1Register to vote
69JameekagirlA wonderful gift from aboveAmerican1Register to vote
70JameekasgirlA wonderful gift from aboveAmerican1Register to vote
71JameshagirlAmerican, Anglo-Saxon2Register to vote
72Jamesongirl2Register to vote
73JamiegirlFeminine of JamesEnglish5Register to vote
74Jamielyngirl2Register to vote
75Jamilagirl1Register to vote
76JamilahgirlbeautifulArabic3Register to vote
77jamilkagirlJamil+lakila= jamilkaAfrican1Register to vote
78JamirahgirlAmerican2Register to vote
79Jamisongirl1Register to vote
80JamiyagirlConfident,Assurant,outgoingAfrican2Register to vote
81JanagirlGod's gracious gift; a harvest of fruitCzech, Arabic3Register to vote
82JanaegirlGod is graciousAmerican4Register to vote
83JanaevahgirlAmerican2Register to vote
84JanaigirlGod's GraceAmerican, Hebrew2Register to vote
85Janaina girlSpanish1Register to vote
86JananeegirlHindu1Register to vote
87JanarigirljubilantFrench1Register to vote
88Janashagirla girl on americas next top model.African, Native-American, Polish1Register to vote
89JanaygirlAmerican1Register to vote
90JanaygirlGod's gracious gift2Register to vote
91Jandigirl1Register to vote
92JandygirlForm of RandyAmerican1Register to vote
93Janegirlgracious, merciful, God is graciousHebrew23Register to vote
94JanelgirlFeminine form of Jane. other variants: Janelle, Janell, JenelleAmerican3Register to vote
95Janeleegirllovley,cute,strongAmerican1Register to vote
96JanenegirlGod is gracious; French spelling of JanineAmerican, French2Register to vote
97Janessagirlinspired by HadassaAmerican6Register to vote
98Janetgirlvariant of JaneScottish2Register to vote
99Janettegirl3Register to vote
100Janhavigirlcute, fair 1Register to vote
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