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301Keieragirl"Dark", Feminime of the Irish; DuskyIrish1Register to vote
302Keighliagirla strong and passionate personEnglish0Register to vote
303Keikogirladored oneJapanese1Register to vote
304Keilanagirladored oneHawaiian2Register to vote
305Keilantragirlprincess of the night sky, magical0Register to vote
306Keiligirl0Register to vote
307Keimeegirlfrom kim0Register to vote
308KeiragirlBlack HairedIrish14Register to vote
309KeirahgirlEnglish1Register to vote
310Keirangirl0Register to vote
311KeishagirlfavoriteAfrican0Register to vote
312KeishliangirlLatin, Spanish0Register to vote
313Keitagirl0Register to vote
314KeithygirlDaughter of KeithEnglish0Register to vote
315Keiyannagirl0Register to vote
316Kekatagirl0Register to vote
317Kekonagirlsecond-bornHawaiian0Register to vote
318Keldagirlclear mountain springScandinavian0Register to vote
319Kellangirlwarrior princessGaelic6Register to vote
320Kelligirl0Register to vote
321Kelliegirl0Register to vote
322Kellygirlchurch, warrior, wood, holly; farm by the springGaelic, Teutonic6Register to vote
323KelseygirlCeol's island, beautiful island; from the ship's island, shipping harborEnglish8Register to vote
324KelsigirlBeautiful and prettyHawaiian2Register to vote
325Kemistriegirlloving0Register to vote
326Kenaigirl0Register to vote
327Kendaileygirla mixture of Hailey and KendallAfrican, Anglo-Saxon, Arabic, Basque, Chinese, Dutch, English, Gaelic, German, Greek, Hawaiian, Hebrew0Register to vote
328Kendallgirlruler of the valleyCeltic12Register to vote
329KendallyngirlAmerican1Register to vote
330Kendragirlunderstanding, knowledgeAnglo-Saxon5Register to vote
331Kendrygirl0Register to vote
332Kendyllgirl0Register to vote
333KeneiliagirlBeautiful,Daddy's princessAmerican1Register to vote
334KeniagirlLatin0Register to vote
335KenishagirlEnglish, Hindu1Register to vote
336KenleighgirlIrish4Register to vote
337KenleygirlAmerican2Register to vote
338KennaleegirlAmerican3Register to vote
339Kennedigirl6Register to vote
340Kennedygirl10Register to vote
341Kennettegirlderived from Kenneth, handsome9Register to vote
342KennisgirlbeautifulGaelic1Register to vote
343Kennitaingirlblack heartedNative-American1Register to vote
344KennlygirlLoving, Caring, Health, Creative, Flexible.American1Register to vote
345Kensingtongirl0Register to vote
346Kensleygirlbeautiful dancerEnglish1Register to vote
347Kenyagirl2Register to vote
348Kenyangigirlwhite egretUgandan1Register to vote
349KenyattagirlKenyan2Register to vote
350KenzigirlBeautiful and lilely name for a girl. Very lovely. Shortened for McCenzi.American3Register to vote
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